Conquer Your Anxiety with Philosophy

Anxiety is one of the most pervasive emotional disturbances people experience.  Fortunately, having some philosophical wisdom and critical thinking up your sleeve can help you to tackle this debilitating and self-defeating emotion. 

Speak Out for Freedom!

The scope of constitutional safeguards has continued to narrow since the 9-11 attacks, and this slippery slope can be predicted to continue each time the specter of another terrorist attack is raised, unless Americans speak up univocally for freedom.

Would You Force a Woman to Abort?

Anti-abortion proponents would not want to be forced by government to have an abortion; so this group should not similarly force pro-choice proponents to carry to term. 

Facing Hard Times?

You cannot realistically demand that reality conform to your wishes; but you can make rational choices and confront the vicissitudes of life with valor and dignity.

Thriving Relationships

The sexual relationship of a respectful relationship is soulful sex.

The Courage to Commit

There cannot be romance without being romantic; there cannot be love without giving love; and there cannot be anything lasting and genuine without commitment.  

Slaying the Monsters in Your Thinking

In many cases, people who were sexually abused as children can recall the event, so the problem is not that the belief is repressed.  Instead, the problem lies in suppressed beliefs they would insist on even if these beliefs were brought to their attention.

Think for Yourself

 It is often said that people are either followers or leaders.  Unfortunately, if you think like this and consider yourself a follower, you are setting yourself up for failure.