This article was written by guest blogger Dan Meer.

February 15, 1954 around 9 am, that's when I made my first appearance.  That's right folks, come the ides of February 2014 I turn 60!!  I know, I know, I've heard the talk - "you don't look a day over [pick the age]", "I never would have guessed it", "you look great", "no way", yaddy yaddy yadda

The author, 60 years young.

Don't get me wrong, it's great hearing that I don't look my age, but regardless, the chronological clock ticks on and I am fast approaching one of two things - either the older side of middle age or the younger side of old age.

And folks, it doesn't feel that great - as many of us are starting to realize, getting old sucks - from flagging testosterone, more aches and pains, longer recovery time after exercise, benign prostatic hyperplasia (and all that flows or doesn't flow from that condition), short-term memory loss (just last week my son had a basketball game after school and I was supposed to pick him up after work.  I totally forgot and took the bus home instead - did not remember until I was half a block from home.  (Luckily the game started late and I was able to catch the second half). Fortunately keeping up with my kids (and Bikram yoga) helps keep me going.

Male life expectancy in California is 77, my Dad died of prostate cancer at 75.  (Too morbid for a blog post?) What I am trying to say is that turning 60 - I can't run and hide anymore, can't pretend that the aging isn't happening, can't deny the unmistakable signs. The other milestone birthdays, 30, 40, even 50 - I still felt like I had plenty of time left. Heck, when I turned 50 my daughter was 3 months old.  But 60 feels different, somehow.  If I am very lucky, I am 2/3 of the way through this life. 

So what does this all mean?  Beats the shit out of me but life, especially at this age, is too short to spend time being depressed, worrying about money or complaining about Brandeis.  And so I have resolved to keep reminding myself how blessed I am to be in this particular place at this particular time, with a wonderful family, good health, great friends and true happiness. And when people ask how old I am I reply "I'm old enough to know what I want and young enough to get it..." And hopefully that will hold for at least a few more years.

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