Celebrate “International Day of Happiness" Tomorrow

Use your character strengths to deepen your happiness level.

Posted Mar 19, 2014

Tomorrow is referred to as International Day of Happiness. This is celebrated each year on March 20th and began two years ago, established by the United Nations.

What will you do to celebrate the day?

This is an opportunity to celebrate happiness and also to re-discover it. Make yourself and those around you happy. Move beyond superficial smiles and immediate pleasures and explore what leads to a deep and substantive happiness.

Science informs us that we can reach a more authentic happiness. One of the pathways to a deep happiness is the understanding and use of one’s highest strengths of character. Strategies dealing with the 24 universal strengths of character are among the most discussed, researched, and celebrated practices in the field of positive psychology. To honor International Day of Happiness, try this simple exercise to start:

  1. Take the free VIA Survey that measures your strengths.
  2. Select one of your signature strengths.
  3. Use it in a new way each day.

Study after study has found this exercise is beneficial for boosting happiness. This blog post here offers you a number of substantive ideas for expanding how you think about your signature strengths.

Not enough? Looking for more exercises to boost your happiness?

No problem. This is a topic I routinely blog on. Check out these happiness posts, all of which contain practical, ready-to-use strategies: