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6 Inner Resources You Didn't Know You Had

Character strengths come in many shapes and sizes. Lost strengths. Happiness strengths. How might you use each category of strengths to make the most of your life?
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Gen Z: A Strong Generation. New Data on Why

New insights and approaches in connecting with Gen Z. You'll want to thank the next Gen Z person you meet.
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You Are Lucky to Have Found Mindfulness

Why are you lucky to have discovered the practice of mindfulness?
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How to Deal with Boring or Mundane Tasks

We know that using character strengths can give a boost to well-being and a leg up on stress, so why not use them for dealing with those in-between moments - the mundane or boring.
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Republican or Democrat, We Are All Stressed Out

As stress levels increase, what are the best strategies? We need new approaches to help cope as challenges arise. That's where strengths come in.
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Having a Religion Doesn't Help You, But Practicing One Does

Religious with a practice? Religious without a practice? No religion? Learn new research on these 3 groups and practical strategies for each.
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Disability and Strengths: We Need Phase 3!

5 practical strategies to move you into Phase 3, helping you take on a character strengths-based mindset.
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5 New, Short Mindfulness Activities

One of the most popular mindfulness activities is referred to as "the mindful pause." Now, there are 5 variations for using this popular practice!
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Rise Up: The Hidden Power of Your Phasic Strengths

How do you rise to the occasion? What strengths are part of "rising up" when we really need to?
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10 New Strategies for Stress Management

Stress management is a popular topic, but can you list off 10 strategies that are research-based? Did you know that your inner capacities can be boosted to help with each one?
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A New Tool for Stress Management in the "New Year"

We all experience stress and this time of year can be particularly challenging for many. Learn a science-based approach to help you become better at stress management.
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Want Your Work to Flourish? Link Strengths and Goals

The number of hours you spend each month at work is more than in any other life domain. But how much of that time is designed to help you flourish? Take the next step.

Don’t Be Grateful on Thanksgiving

This list will either be your survival guide for the holidays or a way to enhance your already-good relationships.
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2 Weight Control Pathways Anyone Can Take

Losing weight is not the battle, keeping it off is. There is no perfect solution for weight control maintenance but one thing is clear— new tools are needed. Try out these two.
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5 Tips for Interacting With a Narcissist

When you know you'll be around a narcissist, or observing one in action, use these strategies to take care of yourself—and grow during the process.
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5 New Humor Exercises to Boost Your Happiness!

Want to learn about 5 new ways to boost your well-being and your strength of humor?
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How to Get Unstuck When You Are Indecisive

Here's a client dialogue centered on strengths work. See what happens when a strength is spotted and is used to manage a problem.
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The Best Thing to Do Before Handling a Problem

What is one easy thing you can do before walking into a difficult situation?
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10 Ways to Reduce Smartphone Mindlessness

Smartphones have their pros and cons. But are we mindful of the cons or are we mindless to what we don't know? Here are 10 tips for managing the cons of too much cell phone use.
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The Weight Management Secret No One Has Told You

There are plenty of external resources to help you lose weight. But have you considered your internal resources?
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Why Grit Is Not the Answer

Is "grit" a virtue?
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The Mindful Pause: How to Help Others

The very popular and short exercise called "the mindful pause" integrates character strengths & mindfulness. This post delves into its use by practitioners. Learn several examples.
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The Best Mindfulness Exercise Most People Don’t Know

Do you use the mindful pause? People are reporting it helps them improve their mindfulness and bring out the best in them. See several examples here.
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Mindfulness and Character Strengths in Schools

The integration of character strengths and mindfulness in the classroom has arrived! Check out the innovative approach being taken at the Wilderness School in Australia.
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The New IEP: Using Strengths to Set Goals

What is usually missing from the typical IEP?
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How to Assess Your Strengths: 5 Tactics for Self-Growth

What are your strengths? Seems like an easy question but most people don't know. These 5 exercises will help you immediately.
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Positive Relationships: 7 Tips to Deal With “the Bad"

How do you handle it when someone is negative or upset? While it's difficult to truly “be with” another person who is suffering, you can have a positive impact. Here are 7 ways...
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The Positive Psychology Movie Awards of 2015!

Curious about the best movie depicting mindfulness? Positive emotions? Resilience? Strength use? Now in its 7th year, I bring to you the positive psychology movie awards...
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Being Positive: It’s Not Mindfulness, It’s Savoring

Mindfulness and savoring are different concepts. Understand this important distinction between the two.
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New Positive Psychology Exercise!

Learn a new and powerful 4-step exercise. It just might help you understand yourself better and improve your self-confidence!