He's Already Married. Wasn't it Obvious?

Emotional intelligence is related to proper rest. Insight and revelation can be the reward.

Butts, But, and Buttes: The Bottom Line

Productivity, efficiency, and goals are not words that resonate with our biologic imperative. But butt, does.

Marshmallows. One or Two?

"What hurts?" and "What does it mean?" We all want to escape pain. Some of us make that our only goal while others have goals that are past the pain. Life is a few short years and a veil of tears. You can take the pain. Do you want to know if you can take the suffering? Joy can be predicted.

Hustlers Live Better

Do you want relief? Pleasure? Peace? You may be hurting your chances. Here are three steps to harness the power of expectation.

Chronic pain? Can you keep a secret?

Do you want to know why some people lose themselves when pain and tragedy strike while others adapt and find joy again? Let Freedom Ring for those oppressed by chronic pain too. Here's how she did it.

Nude Gratitude

Training makes lithe muscled bodies that can endure under stress. Training gratitude makes lithe supple minds that can thrive even with lifelong pain. Rhonda's "nude gratitude" prepared her to get the most out of the spinal cord stimulator. You can uncover the power too. Are you training?

It Hurts so Good. Do It Harder!

Has your brain had fun today? Try a thick slice of Novelty with your routine diet. A little shake-up can break-up pain and suffering.

We Are Idea Addicts

Slender and tragic as Shahrazad, she was a 30 year old heart break waiting to happen. Back pain was not the main problem. She didn't know that. The idea of pain can hurt. Can the idea of joy bring relief?

Does He Need to Know? Part 2

Denial can cost you more than your sex life. When does she need to tell him? How much denial do we protect in a friend? How do we reveal it to ourselves? Denial can save us in extreme injury and can kill us with routine. Oh, the power of balance.

Does He Need to Know? (part 1)

The top ten ways of dealing with denial.

Pain and Pleasure (Part 2)

We are more than amazing bodies. We are the expression of all our experiences. Chronic suffering can atrophy both the body and the mind. Modern imaging techniques can show the brain atrophy that may correlate to life atrophy. Have you thought about daily Hypocampus Hygeine?

Pain and Pleasure: Two Sides of a Coin

What do we all want? Is it escape from pain? Or the usual suspects like sex, money, status? There is something underneath that drives us harder than pain or pleasure. It's never easy to get but it's oh so much better.

Hope Is Better Than Sex (part 2)

Do you exercise your hope muscles? Do you protect your brain's hope centers? A vital life is a life with hope.

Hope Is Better Than Sex

He could take a lot of beating in life but he had no life since she died. He came to get treatment for his pain but that was just the intro. He was at the bottom. He couldn't see hope was still there.

Body or Soul, Shot or Hug

At the edge between living and dying get a hug.

She Was Hot. She Had Dreams.

She lost herself. I found her sandwich. Empathy was the treatment.

Unaware of Her Own Affair?

"What's wrong?" I asked as she sobbed. "You can't tell anyone!" she whispered. This was not your average case of sciatica.

The Martyr of Back Aches

In some ways modern medical treatments have made it harder to be a career martyr. Pain is still a basic part of it but suffering is the key. Nobody can take away your suffering if you don’t want to let it go. Don't you want to let it go?