Taming Your Personal Rogues

Sometimes our feelings and thoughts seem to go rogue on us. Previous blogs have focused upon the neuroscience and psychology behind these tendencies. Here are some ideas about how to actually master the problems that result.

Normal Brains Create Most of Our Psychological Problems

Evolution did its job to safeguard us, now we have to deal with the result: psychological problems.

Got a stubborn psychological problem? You can probably blame your amygdala.

The brains tendency to record emotion memories seems to underlie much of what we regret: over-reactions, under-reactions, feelings, assumptions and behaviors that persist even though they don’t fit our circumstances. (And, stay tuned: this understanding can help us master these problems.)

Neurobiology doesn’t reduce human experience into mechanistic meaninglessness.

Some suggest that embracing the neurobiology that underpins human experience reduces all that is rich and valuable in human life into biochemical mechanisms. The author suggests that experience and the biology that underlies it are actually two different things. They don’t equate.