Taking a Back Seat

A time of life that can make one feel irrelevant

Matriarch: "A Woman Who Is Head of a Family or Tribe"

Time to start thinking of myself as a matriarch!

How are you...really?

Do you really want to hear the answer when you ask someone how they are?

She Says, She Says

How do you feel about your own aging process? And how do your children feel?

What to Say When There Are No Words

Bigotry is very much alive

Making Room for the Now

Discarding things from the past makes room for today.

The "Silver Tsunami"

Choosing how and where we age.

Is 'Everythink' Okay?

Thinking can equal unhappiness!

To Pack or not to Pack!

Packing for a trip when you're 77 is a lot different than at 17!

Is the "Older Generation" Another "Lost Generation?"

The "Older Generation": an undervalued resource

Piglet and Pooh

The true meaning of the friendship of a lifetime.


We need to get real about aging in our youth oriented society. Plastic surgery will not allay life from doing what it does. Our media needs to include women and men of a certain age and stop giving out the message that youth is the be all, end all. Older people have much to bring to the table.

A Woman Of 76 Walks Down The Street

The invisible generation and what it feels like as a member.

Is There No Avail For Grief?

To what can we turn for solace when we are in deep grief? What is it that helps us to reconnect with the world?

Repairs and Alterations

Over the last several years, I realized that I have been undergoing repairs and alterations in my own life. And, further, that it is something perhaps all of us need to do every so often.

Three Quarters of a Century

That's how old I am. I just celebrated my birthday, and realized that I've really been 75 for two years because all I could think about when I turned 74 was... Egad! I'm going to be 75 next year!

You CAN Go Home Again: But you might not want to stay

Searching for home where the heart resides.