Children Are Know-It-Alls

Do you ever get the feeling that young children should be much more respectful of how knowledgeable you, an adult, are about the way the world works? Children are constantly acting as if they know more than we do. What makes young children act this way?

How Do We Explain the Unexplainable?

Walter works hard every day, making barely enough money to survive, but still finds time to volunteer countless hours at the local animal shelter. One day Walter stumbles upon a $100 bill on the sidewalk. Coincidence? Or did Walter simply have good luck? Or was it karma? Or was God watching over him?

The All-Important Annual Birthday Party

Rarely do we stop to consider why we have birthday parties in the first place. What do children understand about birthdays and birthday parties?

Imagining the Impossible at Christmas Time

It’s the question that often raises the most angst in expecting parents. No, it’s not what to name the baby, or how to decorate the room, or whether to let the child sleep in the parents’ bed. It’s the hesitantly raised question that many consider years before they are even expecting children, “And what about the Santa thing?"