Can Pokémon Go Reduce Loneliness?

Pokémon Go has had a dramatic rise in popularity. Can this game impact players positively, including reducing feelings of loneliness? It is quite possible!

Police Shootings, Racism, Brexit, Trump. What Is Going On?

What is going on in the world? Why do we allow fear, hate, racism and xenophobia to become a rampant mobilizing force in society?

Who Are The Loneliest?

We know that there's an epidemic of loneliness among the elderly? But is there another epidemic we are missing?

Two Barriers to Defeating Loneliness

At this point, scientists have determined with near certainty that about half the reason why people are lonely involves some form of relational anxiety.

Yet Another Study Reporting Loneliness Can Kill You…

Apparently the media have long-term memory loss. Every time another study comes out showing that loneliness is indeed deadly, they jumps on it like it was not something we knew before. But I guess you would expect that with a topic like loneliness. After all, who remembers anything about loneliness?

The Harmful Connection Between Breast Cancer and Loneliness

Even with friends and family around, a profound sense of loneliness may set in. Part of the reason for the loneliness is because the person with breast cancer is experiencing situations and emotions that few others can understand, unless they have had breast cancer themselves.

Lonely Transitions

However, for some young adults transitioning to college, they find themselves experiencing loneliness and they just cannot seem to shake it. They have a hard time coping with the transition to college. Why is that? The truth is, for a considerable number of these students, they having always been coping with loneliness.

Is Stephen Colbert Lonely?

Those with Narcissist Personality Disorder are self-sufficient, exploitative exhibitionists, and feel entitled, superior, and vain. Yeah, those types. Are individuals with NPD lonely? It was a curious question I wonder every time I look at The Colbert Report. So I decided to do a bit of digging to see what the answer might be.


I believe the hashtag #foreveralone is a reflection of the growing angst among the younger generation's frustration with knowing how to establish intimate relationship with others.

Is It Possible to Build the Perfect Woman or Man?

I believe the underlying motivation is the same, find someone who will take care of all of their emotional (including sexual) needs and desires. If, in searching out a relationship, the goal is to find an emotional prostitute, ultimately, the relationship is not only going to fail, it will become very emotionally unfulfilling.

Yes, It's True, Introverts Are Less Happy Than Extroverts

However, when it comes to happiness, extroverts do better. This is true even when they are alone, extroverts are happier alone than introverts. Other very important finding, whether introverted or extroverted, both tend to enjoy socializing more than spending time alone.

The Loneliness of Elliot Rodger

It is my hope to raise awareness about the issue of loneliness. For those who are chronically lonely to realize that they are not alone in the way they feel, to raise awareness about the awful stigma society places on those individuals who are lonely (#lonersarentlosers), and to advocate for greater services for those individuals for experience loneliness.

Enough Is Enough

We live in a world where there is a lot of noise, a lot of superficial messages, a lot of meaningless conversation. Or even worse, we are bombarded by negative messages, "you're not good enough," "you're not strong enough," "you're not smart enough."

10 Ways Frozen Is The Story Of Loneliness

There is a magical power in all of us. Deep inside all of us is a magical power that is ours and ours alone. It is an inherent part of who we are, and to deny it, is to deny our very existence. Despite Elsa's attempts to suppress her magical powers, it came out anyways. If you try to fight it, it comes out in ways that are often dangerous to others.

Treating Loneliness: It's More Than Just Meeting Others

For chronically lonely individuals, a lot more work is required and no one is a failure for feeling lonely. Telling a chronically lonely individual to just go out there and meet people, is like telling an obese person, to just eat healthier or telling a depressed person, to just cheer up. It is patronizing and it needs to stop.

Functional Loneliness

Functional loneliness occurs for individuals who have found somewhat effective ways to cope with their loneliness. Unlike individuals that may have overwhelming feelings of loneliness, people with functional loneliness are able to successfully suppress their feelings without having to deal with it directly.

Is Loneliness Just Another Form of Depression?

So the next time you, someone you know, or a client, comes in and says they feel sad, one should really stop and wonder why exactly they feel sad. If it is that that sadness is related to a lack of social connections or a sense of belonging, then perhaps loneliness is the real problem and not depression. They may actually not be depressed at all.