What Memories are Made of...

Tales From Both SIdes of the Couch: Memory–how the ordinary process of simply living life revises what we know to be real—both the good and bad.

Magical Thinking: Fears of What Lurks Under the Bed

Magical Thinking—In this blog entry, a little boy’s fear of things that go bump in the night disrupts his sleep. I describe how I work with his parents to decipher their son’s fears and address them in the language that makes sense to him, the language of story telling and make believe.

Capitol Hill Shooting: Child Unharmed?

Was the child in the Capitol Hill shooting, truly "unharmed?"

Tales From Both Sides of the Couch

What happens when you find your new therapist drives a red Corvette? Transference happens, but in this case it goes unrecognized by the therapist.