What’s My Brand?

Professionally, certain types of personalities are more naturally suited to specific types of roles and work. Let’s explore if your image, your “brand” is giving off the vibes you

One New Twist to Project Planning

Past success can be a blessing in disguise because it can lead to fixed mental sets limiting our achievements. Do one thing differently for better project planning results!

Up Your Negotiation Game

Ever walk away from a negotiation and wonder what happened? Want your negotiations to flow and be aligned with what you anticipated? 8 step guide on how to better prepare.

Change, the Not So New Norm

We talk about change all the time. Yet, in spite of the frequency with which it occurs, we are not skilled at managing it. Here are some tips to guide you through the process.

Are You a Doubter?

There are people in this world who do not believe good things will happen the first time around when you tell them. They find fault in the logic of your statements and reasoning and look for the loopholes in your story. They suck the air out from under your wings. Below are tips on how to manage these types of interactions.

Expanding the Horizon of Our Perspective Taking

We become comfortable with what is familiar and this develops into habits. At times this is expedient, yet at other times it can inhibit us from creativity or reaching more potential. Learn some tips on how to expand the horizons and range of our thinking.

Managing Your Emotions

There are times when we are in difficult encounters with others and we cannot physically leave the situation. We need to manage our emotions and remain centered in order to be our best selves. Having a regular practice we can call on in these times of need can serve us well, but we need to develop the practice so it.

Negotiation 101: How Do I Even Start!

Challenged by difficult conversations? Here are some tips on getting started to effectively negotiate!

I Want To Be Wanted

Adults need to be connected with others, to belong, and we suggest a series of reflective questions to clarify how to have this need met.

Incarcerating Youth and the World We Are Making

One wrong turn as a juvenile and you may be facing life imprisonment. Considering the developmental maturity levels of youth, what are the chances they will be living with this decision the rest of their lives?

What to Say and How to Say It: Making Choices

Really? There are steps I can take to change my relationships through communication? Realizing when you are at the fork in the road of your conversation and ways in which to develop better communication patterns.

I Said I Wouldn’t Go There, But I Did

How many times do you find yourself in unwanted patterns of communication you wish you would stop repeating?

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

There is a concept in communication called the "triplet." It is an A-B-A exchange with three turns and a dialogue may shift in turn three. The responsibility of creating a dialogue that promotes more mutually beneficial outcomes lies with both parties. When we co-construct episodes that create better patterns, we foster better relationships.