Can You Restore Respect Once You Lose It?

One of the quickest ways to destroy a relationship is to lose respect. Though difficult, if you want to restore respect, these steps will help you find your way back.

5 Steps for Moving Forward in Spite of Regrets

Regrets can haunt you all of your life. If you find yourself dwelling on what could have been, follow these steps to positively shift into motion.

What You Should Do with Your Negative Emotions

Negative emotions don't feel good, but trying to make them go away can backfire. Follow these four steps to use your emotions to move forward.

Is Your Dedication Keeping You Stuck?

Do you have a dream calling you but you can’t choose it now because those around you will suffer? You might be using your dedication as an excuse to stay stuck.

How to Tame Your Unruly Brain

Your brain is quick to react so how you act following a reaction is critical. Learn how to better analyze your reactions and then tell your brain what to do next.

20 Questions to Plan Your Life

Don't set goals and resolutions without knowing the story you want to create. Answer these 20 questions to help you paint the picture.

The Secret to Having a Good but Difficult Conversation

Do your difficult conversations seem to create more problems? Follow these steps to prepare, enter, and engage the person to increase your odds of having a good outcome:

The Reason You Are Needy

The reason you are needy is because social needs fuel your drive to connect with others and succeed. This post will teach you how to identify your needs so you can feed them instead of reacting negatively when they aren't met.

How to Finally Change Your Life

There are three emotions you can draw on that will strengthen the courage you need to make the changes you want. Don't let fear paralyze you. Use these emotions to make your hopes come true.

How to Make A New, Meaningful Friendship

No matter how busy you are, you need a few solid friendships for your health and well-being. Follow these five steps to create an enriching, long-term, and fulfilling relationship.

10 Silly Beliefs that Sabotage Your Happiness

Many failures result from the behaviors we do or we avoid because of our beliefs. Here are some examples of common beliefs that can sabotage your happiness and success. Look for your belief, then read the alternative point of view you might want to consider instead.

5 Steps for Managing Your Emotional Triggers

When you can identify what is triggering your reactions in the moment, you give yourself the chance to feel differently if you want to. Naming your emotional triggers also gives you more clarity on what you need to do or ask for to change your circumstances. Choose your triggers from a list of needs and learn the steps for gaining emotional freedom today.

7 Tips for Talking About Anything With Anyone

Giving feedback can hurt instead of help a relationship. If you need something to treat you in a different way, follow these 7 steps to help you agree on a way forward that is more respectful and rewarding for you both.

How to Turn Around a Negative Relationship

Whether your relationships are professional or personal, if you do not talk about the negative feelings you are holding onto, the relationship will erode. This post provides steps to improve your own relationships or to act as a coach to help bring people together at work.

12 Ways to Replenish Your Energy

Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day, with little energy left for family and friends? This post will help you look at what you do that leaves you feeling drained, and then provides tips for revitalizing yourself so you have energy left for the evening.

5 Tips for Transforming Stage Fright into Stage Delight

Instead of trying to be calm, you can use your nervous energy for positive results. Here are two tips for counteracting your negative self-talk with positive nervousness before you go on stage and three tips to keep you engaging and likable while you are speaking:

5 Steps Toward Believing in Yourself

Whether you are starting something new or you made some mistakes you regret, you might fall into the trap of calling yourself a failure. Or you worry others will judge you as incompetent. This post will help you recognize scenarios where you discount yourself and then it gives you 5 steps for helping you recover your confidence so you can move on.

How to Tell Your Boss How You Feel

Sometimes you need to teach your boss how to best manage you—what motivates you and demotivates you—so you can perform at your best. Here is a technique you can use with tips for making this uncomfortable conversation work in your favor.

The Most Critical Skill for Activating Resiliency

You can strengthen your resiliency so you can cope with undesired changes in your life, but it has to be done as a daily exercise. Here are 5 steps for strengthening your ability to see options before, during, and after crisis hits.

How to Let Go and Move On

One of the most difficult parts of making transitions at work or in life is letting go of who you were and what once made you successful. This post will give you four steps for letting go of the past so you can move into your new life.

What Little Girls Know that Big Girls Forget

Why don't grown women count on their female friends more at work? There is more money to be made through partnerships, but only 11 percent of women consider starting a business with another woman. And women who work for someone else often go it alone. Here are 5 tips that will help you develop strong and positive partnerships to pave the road to success.

How to Deal With Other People's Difficult Emotions

Sometimes people cry, feel embarrassed, or get angry or defensive in conversations. What do you do? Here are tips for dealing with each of these emotions in a conversation so you can still have a successful result.

How to Use Your Intuition

We all have intuition but we don’t consciously listen to it, trusting only what appears to be rational in our often irrational mind. This post gives you steps and an exercise to start hearing the important messages from your heart and gut more clearly.

Is Insecurity Sabotaging Your Relationships?

Even if you are an otherwise competent person, situational self-doubt can affect how you connect or disconnect with others. The behavior that results from even a small breach in confidence can damage your relationships, your effectiveness as a leader, and future opportunities. Here are 5 tips to help keep your insecurities from harming your relationships

Why You Should Never Work Late

What you do before you go to sleep and the amount of hours you sleep affect your work, your health, and your happiness. Here are three tips to help you get the sleep you need.

You Can Be Nice and Still Get Angry

Some of us hide our resentment and frustrations because we were taught that anger is bad. We were taught that we had to be nice, not angry. We were not taught what to do with our anger when it shows up. It then is toxic to our relationships, our happiness, and our health. Read this post to learn how to give a healthy voice to your anger so you release it for good.

How to Tame Your Inner Godzilla

What do you do when enough is enough? Either your stress has been accumulating and one incident tips you over the edge or you have no more patience for a particular person or situation. Your eyes bulge, your muscles tighten, and you are about to spit words with fire. Read this post first! You will get tips for getting what you need with destroying everyone around you.

How to Speak with Power

Do you have trouble starting a speech, meeting, or difficult conversation with strength? This post will help you set your emotions and posture to get the powerful impact you desire.

When You Should Never Make a Decision

Sometimes forces work against you and you can't make the best decision. Know what time of day is the best time to decide what to do whether making a big life decision or sending a sensitive email.

The One Word That's Holding You Back

There is one word that allows you to take fewer risks, delay making vital changes, avoid intimacy, resist suggestions, rationalize the status quo, numb your brains with chemicals or mindless entertainment, and decrease the capacity to see opportunities and different points of view. Find out what that word is and what you can do to override its power.