Why the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate Makes Me Sad

Last week's debate between Bill Nye "the science guy" and young-earth creationist Ken Ham was entertaining but maddening, because it reinforced the same old false choice between science or faith. It's time for a new narrative in which compatibility, not conflict, guides the discussion.

Will an Algorithm Land You Your Next Job?

The way people find jobs, and employers find talent, is rapidly changing. Soon, fit algorithms based on psychological data might smooth your path to better employment. Are you ready for this?
Generational Differences at Work?

Generational Differences at Work?

I've always been skeptical of whether generational differences are as much of an issue at work as some claim. After serving as the reluctant voice of GenX on a panel discussion, I've been rethinking my position.

Living a Calling via Athletics Aesthetics

17 years ago, Paul Lukas took a calculated risk. The rest is uni-history.

How to Fire Someone With Dignity

In the 2009 film Up in the Air, George Clooney's and Anna Kendrick's characters demonstrate how cold and heartless firing someone can be. Is there a better way to do it?

A Superhero’s Calling

The best superheroes are on a quest for the common good. Research on work as calling suggests that we can tap into our inner superhero by pooling our strengths with others in pursuit of the same.

What Batman can Teach Us about Career Change

In Frank Miller's classic "The Dark Knight Returns," Batman comes out of retirement. His adjustment shows how career development never stops, but is an ongoing process.

Should We Pursue Our Career Dreams?

So you have a career dream. Is it as simple as just going after it?

Career Choice: Easy for Superheroes, Hard for Us

Anyone struggling with indecision can see that when it comes to choosing a career path, superheroes have it sooo easy. Yet they offer some lessons for us, too.

I’m a Teacher: A New Dimension for 'New Girl'

Having a calling but not living it may actually make some people less happy with their lives.

Why Does Leslie Knope Love Her Job?

A bad boss, weird coworkers, and a lack of appreciation for her hard work. Yet, she still loves her job.