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Is Gossip the Key to Finding Love?

When it comes to intrasexual competition, researchers have found, the weapon of choice for women is something that comes effortlessly: gossip.

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Here's how science determines whether you are a good person.

How Long Should You Wait for Someone to Commit?

I’ve looked to science, asked relationship experts, talked to friends (both married and unmarried) for better answers. What I’ve found is that there isn’t one.

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Walking away from something, however, doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Here’s expert advice on what you can do to ensure your happy ending.

This May Be the Real 'War on Marriage'

t's true: There is a war on marriage. But it has nothing to do with the Supreme Court or the LGBT community. The real warmonger? It's none other than...

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Why we want what's possible instead of what's available.

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No one likes to be sad, right? So why are sad songs so popular? A look at the musical hits of the last several decades, and there's no shortage of songs about heartache.

How to Take on a Challenge

What does it take to make the impossible possible?

Is There a Right Way to Grieve?

The hardest part about losing a loved one is not that they’re gone.

The Strange Psychology of Ghosting

Ghosting occurs when the person you are dating disappears. It can take the form of ignoring you, not responding to attempts at communication—even pretending they don’t know you.

3 Lessons Everyone Should Learn From Introverts

Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, everyone can benefit from being quiet and thoughtful.