Resources Within Reach: The Merits of Speaking Up!

Were you bullied as a kid? Echoes of those messages often remain: “We deserve to be treated unfairly.” But those echoes will fade in the face of your superpower: Resilience!

My Evening with Armistead

Who are you now? How did you get here? Who helped you arrive

Isn’t It Time? Having the Nerve to Acknowledge Our Strengths

To let yourself flourish in the full light, inside and out, is a gift to oneself and to the world!

Be the "Guncle" You Wish You Had!

Are you lucky enough to be a "Guncle?"

Anxiety About the Holidays?

Putting the “new” in New Year!

Progress and Vulnerability: Difficult Companions

A simple reminder as we navigate an increasingly complex world: When we fully inhabit ourselves, outside forces cannot find space to move in.

Is Your Relationship Beyond Repair?

Your relationship is a gift—one deserving of care, attention, and protection.

A Practice of Mindfulness Doesn’t Take Time, It Makes Time!

A well-rounded lifestyle should include regularly tuning into oneself — and tuning out the distractions. Being present sets the stage for personal effectiveness and satisfaction.
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No Matter What, We Will Always Be Friends

The idea that you will stay friends with a partner following a breakup is often a deceit designed to make leaving easier. Creating the reality takes work, honesty, and, sorry, it takes time. Here are some guidelines.

What We Are Talking About When We Talk About Masculinity

The "new masculinity" includes strengthening a whole new set of muscles.

Ode To Dad (and Me)

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but updating the relationship with your father may be well timed and just what you need to reboot your life. A cleaner, less complicated connection is rewarding for everybody.

Fifty Shades of Gay

An ever-widening spectrum of choices and possibilities means that the gay community is truly taking on all of the colors of the rainbow, every shade and hue.

Do You Feel Sexy on the Inside?

Expanding the ways in which we feel “sexy” is good for everyone (yup, except maybe for the beauty industry that sells just one way).

Vacation or Gaycation?

Gay men sometimes feel pressured to take “gay vacations” to resorts or on cruises, but these getaways can be as isolating as being in Disneyland surrounded by traditional families. The advantage of being out of the closet is being out of all closets, including those that are self-imposed.

Is There Time in Your Type-A Lifestyle for Friendship?

Socializing, connecting and laughing with friends are an essential part of happiness. We need to take a moment, press "escape", unplug, and make space for friendship. Don’t click “like” if you agree, call me!

Are Your Affairs in Order?

After we are gone, where our stuff ends up, even where we end up, will be decisions left to others … unless we take the steps now to ensure that our wishes are carried forward. Not only does this protect our legacy, it relieves the burden from loved ones of trying to guess what we would have wanted.

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Gay men still need role models. And Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has taken his place. A reluctant spokesperson, this powerful gay man leads one of the most innovative organizations on the globe, and leads the way for positive social change.

Well Hung and Happy, Right?

The media tells us who we are – and are not. The vast majority of us are too this, and not enough that. And for gay men, one message certainly is clear: “size does matter.”

Looking to Meet Mr. Right Online?

Faster, faster, faster should not be confused with better, better, better. Turning to technology to find Mr. Right often goes all wrong as the technology itself often takes the place of human connection.

“You Guys”…Code for a Gay Couple

Truth is, maybe we all can do a better job of really seeing each other when we communicate. Sometimes our choice of language betrays a discomfort that is hidden even from ourselves.

What Straight Couples Can Learn from Gay Couples

Ten things that gay couples know that every couple should learn. Gay couples often have had to fight for their relationship against great odds: the upside is they know how to do it and why it is worth it.

My High School Reunion? No Way!

Folks hate the idea of high school reunions, but sometimes they offer an opportunity for unexpected healing. It can be very freeing to realize how far one has traveled from the narrow halls of adolescence – and often how far others have come too.

Man Up to Maturity

Aging is a process. Like any process it unfolds over time. So-called “graceful aging” really means being at home in one’s body and soul – even as the body changes and the soul grows wiser.

When Sex Isn’t About Pleasure

Sexual compulsivity is treatable. That may be one of the most important sentences you will ever hear. If it’s threatening your personal and professional life, there is an alternative.

Leaving Junior High Behind

Though we may have left junior high school a long time ago, the scars from the shame, humiliation, and fear we experienced in those years may still be with us.

Sexual Connection at Any Stage

The bad news is that your sexual relationship ain’t what it used to be! The good news is it can be something more. Sometimes we confuse the ebb and flow of sexual attraction in long-term relationships with the worthiness of the relationship itself.