Filipinos, Colonial Mentality, and Mental Health

Ever wanted some empirical or "scientific" data on colonial mentality and its psychological implications among Filipinos? Well, the efforts have begun and here is some basic info.

The Psychological Toll Facing Immigrants in Today's America

The US Congress has the power to relieve 800,000 people and their families the burden of unnecessary stress. The US Congress has the power to stop oppression. Will they do it?

Confronting Complex Multiracial Realities

Social psychology professor Saera Khan discusses the complexities of multiracial identity, prejudice, and discrimination in our especially tense sociopolitical climate.

No, I'm Not "Good"

This is a raw, honest account of my experience as the first Filipina and Pacific Islander Student Body President for the University of Washington during a year of societal turmoil.

The Society of Indian Psychologists' Statement on the "Wall"

The Society of Indian Psychologists view the wall proposal for what it is at its very core, an act of symbolic racism toward particular people, which we cannot support.

An Incomplete List of Filipino American Psych Books for 2017

In this season of year-end lists, the Filipino American experience is typically forgotten. So here's an incomplete list of Filipino American psychology-related books for 2017.

The Beauty of Being Bound

This is a time to bring the fullness of who we are as psychologists to the forefront, to stand in solidarity with our communities that are under assault.

Five Lessons We Learned from the “Mail Order Family" Fiasco

NBC faced widespread backlash for attempting to develop a sitcom about a Filipina "mail order bride." Now that the project has been stopped, how do we not repeat the same mistake?

Going Beyond the Surface for Filipin@ American History Month

We invite everyone–those with Filipin@ heritage and those without– to take it to the next level and get to know our communities beyond our traditional clothing, dances, and foods.

A Brief Note on Immigration, Colonial Mentality, and Kapwa

Loss of kapwa may be a reason why many Filipinos–largely immigrant, brown-skinned people with long history of Islam –are anti-immigration, anti-People of Color and anti-Muslim.

5 Reasons Alaska Is Ripe for Multicultural Psychology Work

Myth busters: Alaskan reality is way more diverse than "White" snow, ridiculous TV shows, & the Palins. Here's 5 unseen & unknown reasons why multicultural work thrives in Alaska.

Dear Fathers: Let's Talk to Our Sons About Toxic Masculinity

Fellow fathers, we've been doing a terrible job in terms of what we teach our kids about masculinity. So terrible, in fact, that we are partly responsible for the Orlando massacre.

Orlando Tragedy: A Message of Queer Love from Kevin Nadal

Whether it is a simple text message to check on an LGBTQ friend, or the tightest hug you can give, show people you love them and care for them. We will get through this together.

Why Is There No “Linsanity” Over LA Lakers' Jordan Clarkson?

In 2012, people went "Linsane" over Jeremy Lin. Today, another Asian American NBA player--Jordan Clarkson--is playing even better, but yet there's no "Linsanity" about him. Why?

Why Are Filipino Americans Still Forgotten and Invisible?

Despite Filipinos' unique history in the U.S., large numbers, and many struggles that challenge the “model minority myth”, they are still ignored and rendered invisible. Why?

Five Facts on Native Lives and the (In)Justice System*

As we work toward making society realize that #BlackLivesMatter, we need to also become aware that the Indigenous Peoples of these lands are also facing similarly troubling issues.

Black History and the Filipin@ Community

As we celebrate Black History, I am reminded of the painful reality that many of my fellow Filipin@s still hold prejudices against African Americans and other dark-skinned peoples.

Celebrating the Rapid Growth of Filipino American Psychology

Despite being a former U.S. colony and the 2nd largest Asian group in the country, Filipinos are still forgotten and neglected. A psychology group tries to change this invisibility

Dear High School Students

The high school years may be great, and by all means savor them. Enjoy high school and treasure your experiences, but don't let this time be the peak of your lives. Dream big.

Considering the Negative Consequences of a “Bikini Body”

From "#thinsperation" to the "Bikini Body," there is an abundance of "products" that are endorsed by celebrities and "experts" who perpetuate the "thin body ideal." The impact of this message on society is troubling, ranging from body image problems to serious eating disorders. One nutrition and health psychology expert shares an open letter about this disturbing reality.

Divorcing Differently: End a Marriage, Save the Relationship

Often, divorce probably will be ugly as it seems to inevitably signify the end of fighting for each other and the beginning of fighting against each other. But what if sometimes it didn’t? What if sometimes we are able to keep fighting for each other in the midst of the change? What if we chose to divorce differently? A "differently divorced" woman shares her experiences.

Internalized Oppression: We Need to Stop Hating Ourselves

Have you ever used bleach or skin whitening products? Have you ever refused to speak your heritage language or tried to get rid of your accent in order to fit in? Did you ever try to hide an important part of your identity—like your ethnicity or sexual orientation—because you were ashamed? Do you know someone who has? Ever heard of "Internalized Oppression"? Read on.

The Distortion of Martin Luther King's Dream

The colorblind and melting pot concepts have merely hidden prejudices and preserved oppressive systems, operating as barriers to truly achieving MLK's dream. Let's break them down.

"Do I Sound Gay?"

Why would a gay man dislike “sounding gay?” Why would “sounding less like a man” make a gay man view himself as inferior, unattractive, and undesirable? Why does "passing" as straight make a gay man feel good? Read on as we explore Internalized Homophobia - a very real but largely unseen, unheard, and unspoken psychological struggle that is experienced by many gay men.

We Can Dream: A Marginalized Peoples Version of ‘Inside Out’

'Inside Out' is the nation's #1 movie. Critics and audiences are raving about it. Adults cry because of it. Even scientists applaud its scientific accuracy. But how reflective is it of marginalized peoples' minds and lived realities? What would the 'Inside Out' movie look like if it explored the inner workings and psychological experiences of marginalized peoples? Read on.

5 Questions We Often Ask Ourselves After Microaggressions

Society’s awareness of microaggressions and its many expressions have increased over the past few years. The internal dialogues and psychological struggles that microaggressions cause marginalized people, however, are rarely discussed and remain largely “Unseen and Unheard” by the general public. I hope this helps.