Power, Sex, and What Else is New?

Apparently we've reached a tipping point at which enough women have enough power to speak up against sexual assault. But things are far from perfect. Here's what I wish for 2018...

How to Reach the Decision to Separate

Relationships are the source of great happiness — unless they become the greatest obstacle. How do we get to feel "enough is enough"? Feeling limits can be learned. Here is how.

The Meaning of Halloween

Why do we like to be scared on special occasions while we seek comfort on most others? Here are two ways to confront the darkness for the sake of a deeper and happier life.

Loving Myself

We are aching to love and to love ourselves. What stands in the way of self-love? It is essential to remove the obstacles, however arduous that might be....

How to Love Unconditionally

What does it actually mean to love someone, especially our kids, unconditionally? Don't fall into the pitfalls of modern times. Here are four ways to be....

Help, I Married My Father

Why do so many women end up unhappily in relationships with males who remind them of their father? How can we stop this painful habit?

Seven Agreeable Ways to Be Disagreeable

When we know how to use our defiance wisely, we can move mountains. Unhappiness can turn into happiness, failure into success....

Three Strategies to Overcome Disadvantages

Building on strengths is a great strategy. But what if you feel you don't have enough strengths? What do people do in order to overcome their greatest obstacles in life?

A Little Bit of Magic Please

If science were a man, I would marry him, even though I’d know of his imperfections. However, we all benefit from a bit of magic....

Are You Too Hard on Yourself?

How can we let go of subtle and not-so-subtle aggression against our own selves when we find ourselves flawed? In a world that suggests perfection exists, can we access peace?

Inviting Eros Into the Home

Sex is a gift from heaven, but we don't seem to open it much in long-term relationships. Here are 7 obstacles to sex and how to invite Eros back into the bedroom (or wherever...).

How to Survive Your Beloved Adolescent

Being a parent is the hardest job you ever love...and research shows that it's hardest during adolescence. Very few people offer good advice. So here is my master plan for you:

5 Ways to Cope With Ostracism

Ostracism hurts as loneliness kills. Understanding the origin of this primitive behavior can help.

Female Power And Why We Need It So Badly

“Wait, can a woman become president?” asked my young daughter. Male dominance is not only holding down our daughters, but our entire nation. Empower every single female now!

5 Ways to Deal With Someone Who Never Stops Bragging

Nobody likes a bragger, but what is the best way to stop one? Here are some creative ways to change what you can.

Listen to Me!

When we are ignored in relationships, we either despair or become angry. Here's how to work together to find a solution.

Go Wild and Grow Happy, Part 2

What went right in the hunter-gatherer life? We don't have to suffer from depression and anxiety. Here are some simple ways to live a more natural life and re-invite "being here."

Go Wild and Grow Happy, Part 1

Most agree, hunter-gatherers didn't suffer as we do today. While blessed with many gifts of civilization, we also suffer catastrophic consequences. Let's be wild and happy again...

Why Are We All So Worked Up in the US?

What's happening in America? Why are we so stressed out? Let's have an honest look into why we suffer from pessimism and anger out-bursts. The truth shall set us free...

5 Better Ways to Deal With Disappointment

After suffering a disappointment, it's important to let go of negative feelings. What's the best way to do this?

10 Tips That Can Help You Get Past Loneliness

Loneliness is a killer. It not only hurts emotionally, but triggers the secretion of extremely damaging stress hormones. So we try to escape it. How is that working for you?

How to Stop a Bully

Nobody likes a bully, so why do we have so many? Based on an honest analysis, here is how we can stop one....

The One Thing To Know About Happiness

Don't you want to know what the secret to happiness is? I know I do. What do we gain once we know, and what is there to do from here on? Find your path, walk your steps...Leap!

Help, My Partner Is Getting More And More Annoying!

Why is it that we are inclined to find fault in the other when we used to love him or her for exactly the same thing? How come we lose the big picture?

Say No in the Name of Love

Setting boundaries is an art. But it can sometimes be difficult, especially when it comes to setting boundaries with needy people or full-blown narcissists. Here are six ways to stop needy people.

Running On Empty?

When you find yourself feeling exhausted, you are in a state of deprivation, temporarily unable to replenish yourself. This means that the natural balance of give and take, which characterizes healthy living, is disturbed. The question is how to open yourself up again and, quite literally, change your mind.

Whatever You Do, Stop Sliding In(to) Marriage

There is no magic bullet when it comes to committed relationships. But if we know how to build a good foundation, success and happiness are much more likely to happen. The worst we can do is sliding into a type of relationship that is doomed. Take a stance. Stand up. It is hardly ever too late.

Happy Mothers

Happy mothers-what does it take? We have one of the most demanding jobs in the world, yet when it comes to recuperation, you'd be surprised how little we actually need....

Why Good People Break Bad

The bad can take us by surprise. Our man or woman can act out for no apparent reason. We may find our very own hands in the cookie jar. Why? Why do good people go bad? Find an honest, science-supported answer and learn how to prevent... "breaking bad."

Happy Adolescents

Happiness is always a possibility for those who commit and acquire the necessary know-how. Albeit it is especially challenging for adolescents. Their brains change so furiously, how can they and their parents keep up? Attitudes about this stage have to change. And then comes the approach, teenager approved...