Don't Call Harvey Weinstein a Sex Addict

All too often everything from having extramarital affairs to watching porn to desiring different sexual experiences with a reluctant partner is lumped together as sex addiction.

Pitfalls of Not Being a Sexually Informed Therapist

As therapists we know a lot about sexual pathology, but what about sexual pleasure?

Sexual Disorientation of Male Sexual Abuse Survivors

Sexual abuse disorients you; it does not orient you. Consider straight men who have sex with men due to childhood sexual abuse.

Mommy Nearest

Mother and son incest: Are deep-seated cultural taboos against recognizing it hindering therapy?

The Great Aspie

Loving a partner with Asperger’s can be both challenging and rewarding

The Misleading “Sexual Addiction” Label

The term “sexual addiction” carries misconceptions that can lead client and therapist down the wrong road

The Top Ten Myths About Men’s Sexuality

It is time to stop gender bias and catch therapists up to understanding what really is happening in men’s erotic universe.

Anthony Weiner Is Not a Sex Addict

This simplistic label of "sex addict" does nothing to help someone with out-of-control sexual behaviors

Misandry: The Invisible Hatred of Men

We rarely think about the hatred of men and the microaggressions against them.

Invisible Homophobia

Why is it difficult for the mainstream to accept that the Orlando massacre was a hate crime against LGBT people?

Can Someone Be Homosexual and Not Gay?

Many men, especially those who are married and experiencing same-sex attraction, are unwilling to accept the label "gay," and prefer "homosexual" instead. Here's why.
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Caught: Negotiating the Discovery of Your Man’s Porn

Finding your lover’s porn needn’t ruin a partnership. In fact, it can often bring about greater understanding and compassion

Porn Could Ruin a Relationship. But It Doesn't Have To.

Discovering a partner’s surprising porn-viewing habits can be disturbing, but it can also be a gateway to greater understanding and compassion.
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Why I Am No Longer a Sex-Addiction Therapist

Our evolving understanding of the complexities of human sexuality have revealed an increasing number of cracks in the foundational models of sex-addiction therapy.

How Couples Can Survive Cheating (and Why They Even Try)

I am a couple’s therapist. I believe in relationships and marriage. To believe that an injured partner should be shamed for staying and working things out seems to be in conflict with our cultural message that marriage and relationships matter and should be fought for.

Religious Freedoms From The Other Side

As an openly gay therapist, I have counseled deeply religious clients. They knew what I was and I knew what they were. And yet, we were able to have a successful therapeutic business relationship.

Shades of Play: Trauma Reenactment Versus Trauma Play

Psychologists still quite commonly use childhood abuse to explain and pathologize those who enjoy BDSM. This article discusses the difference between trauma reenactment and trauma play, and provides insights into why some therapists may be mistakenly shaming clients into trying to correct what is actually a healthy form of human sexual expression.

Straight Women and Their Gay Husbands

“My Husband’s Not Gay,” a show on TLC, has caused an uproar. The negative attention is unfortunate because this could have been a show that highlighted mixed-orientation couples and how these couples can actually make their relationships work.
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How Are We To Talk About the Complexity of Bisexuality?

A man is bisexual if he feels a persistent sexual and/or romantic attraction to both men and women. A man can seek sex with men but not be gay or bi. This has worried some of my readers who conclude that I am “biphobic” or I don’t believe there are any bisexuals.