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Facing Death Together at the Bedside

Sitting vigil with a dying loved one.
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What to Say in a Sympathy Note

Do you stress over finding the right words to say?
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Ghost Sickness: A Culturally-Related Grief Disorder

Do you believe that ghosts can make you sick?
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Grieving During The Holidays

Is "Happy Holidays" an oxymoron?
N0tyham (Self-photographed) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Death and Bereavement Among the Lakota

For the Lakota, death is not the end of the journey.
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Ambiguous Loss

Coping when someone is missing
 Matus Laslofi/Flickr/CC by 2.0

30 Reasons You May Need a Grief Therapist

Are you stuck in your grief?
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The Healing Effects of After-Death Communications

How we stay connected to our loved ones after death.

Couples Grieving a Child

Understanding the differences in how men and women grieve.
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Guilt and Grief: Placing a Loved One in a Nursing Facility

10 ways to cope with one of the hardest decisions.
Matthew Mendoza, used with permission

A Collection of Last Words

The many ways to say goodbye.
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Touching the Dying

The comfort of touch.
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Prisoners Working With the Dying

How prisoners can learn compassion.
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Talking to Children About Death

What should we tell our children?
 Alan Levine/Flickr/CC0 1.0

Loss of a Child

Eight ways to help a grieving parent.
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Deathbed Visions: Part ll

End-of-Life visions comfort the dying.
lawprier/Flickr, CC by 2.0

The Healing Power of Laughter in Death and Grief

If humor is a part of living, than why should it not be a part of dying?
 Ilmicrofono Oggiono/CC by 2.0

The Truth About Hospice

Are you afraid of hospice? Know these facts first.
 Mark Hillary/CC by 2.0

Deathbed Visions: Part I

Escorts at the Time of Death
 Arctic Warrior/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

Funeral Dogs

How dogs help us grieve
"woman, thinking"/ Robert Couse-Baker/CC BY 2.0

What Mourners Tell Themselves

How we can recognize our irrational thoughts in grief and what we can do to comfort ourselves.
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What to Expect From Grief

You're not losing your mind; you're just grieving.
Win Henderson via Wikimedia Commons

Traumatic Grief

As mass violence is becoming more prevalent in our society, we are becoming a nation of mourners.