Taking Control of Your Anger

5 key steps to help be more thoughtful when you feel angry. Decide whether you want to react in an angry way and whether that response will best serve you.

Understanding Introverts

5 ways to help an extrovert understand an introvert. Why do we feel we need to change those who aren't like us; instead, let's choose to understand them!

5 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail…

Follow these simple steps and get a sound game plan for reaching your objectives in the new year. Forget the failures, and approach this year with positive thoughts.

5 Ways to Shake Off the Pain of Rejection

Not everyone copes with rejection in the same way. Build up your self-confidence and self-esteem by using these FIVE steps to develop a more effective response to rejection.

Turn Change Into Opportunity

Change is going to happen. It’s a fact of life - don't resist it. Capitalize on opportunities by understanding your responses and making good choices in managing it. Here are 7 steps to prepare for the next big change!

Rushing Through Life

Despite all the planning, scheduling and multitasking, for so many of us there never seems to be enough time anymore. We run non-stop around the clock, dividing our attention among millions of things, constantly scrambling for more time. If you want to slow down and take some of your life back, consider trying one (or more) of these approaches.

Like No One Is Watching

We’d like to believe ourselves to be “good” people — kind and altruistic — it’s not that easy when life’s challenges are in front of us. The culture we live in seems to have rapidly deteriorating standards of how we treat others. Here are five tips to consider if you'd like to get your own personal compass back on track and feel good about making good choices!

The Least Helpful Thing to Say to Someone Who's Down

When trying to comfort someone going through difficult times, we must consider numerous details to decide how to best help them. If we choose the wrong social support tactic, our attempts to help can have the opposite effect.

Feeling Guilty?

Guilt can isolate one from friends and family and a healthy social life, trap one’s mind in a never-ending cycle of self-pity and self-punishment, and eventually destroy one’s self esteem. Why are some people not affected by it, whereas others get completely swallowed by this ruinous emotion?

Distracted Living

Realize where your priorities lie and turn your undivided attention towards them to use all of your efforts and resources achieving things that make you feel proud and content. These seven tips can help you stop living distracted and add more value to the time you have!

On Grudges and the Importance of Letting Go

Forgiveness is the most frequently cited remedy for ridding oneself of a grudge and moving forward with life. If you find yourself willing to let go of your grudge but held back by your negative feelings and inability to forgive the wrong-doer, explore these five steps to identify what’s in your way of letting go, and how-to finally release the negativity from your life.

Developing Time Management Skills

When life gets busy, things pile up. Time management is not about having all of those things done; it’s about having enough time for what matters most to you. By managing your time in a more efficient way, not only will you the right things done, but you’ll also have enough time to relax, de-stress and breathe more freely.

Teenage Insecurities

To ensure peace of mind and safety of their children during adolescence, parents need to take early preemptive action. Help teenagers improve their self-esteem during adolescence, and also strengthen and maintain a positive relationship, by taking advantage of these five pieces of advice.

Feeling Stuck in the Relationship

Research shows that people with higher self-esteem tend to find more satisfaction in their relationships. Find the power and strength within yourself to make a change your life for the better. No one besides you can fulfill you and make you happy, so only you have the power to do so.

The Art of Managing Up

Many employees don’t realize they have a certain degree of influence and control in order to better cope with a difficult boss. It's possible to exercise that power by developing a set of “managing-up” skills. So, before jumping the gun and looking for a new place of employment, try out these strategies on your boss.

Yes, You Are Probably Biased:

Scientific evidence declares that prejudice is an inherent part of every person; we are genetically wired to be racist, sexist, ethnocentric, etc. However, does that justify the discrimination and consequential brutality that are so rife in our society? The answer is NO. Catch your triggers and choose to make different choices about how you will react.

5 Ways to Stop Beating Yourself Up

No one is perfect; even the best and brightest make mistakes. Don't dwell on your failures, instead learn from them and move on. Negative self-talk and worrying about what others say can zap the energy you need to become your better you. Silence the inner bully that persistently goads you to hurt and neglect yourself, in the interests of becoming the best you can be.

Is Your Workplace Stressing You Out?

Being constantly stressed out is so universal in America that many laborers have accepted it as unpleasant, but a way of life. Remember, you are not powerless, and the biggest changes in life can sprout from a small change in self. Take charge of your life by following these steps to alleviate some stress.

The Epidemic of Insecurity

The stressors in your life adversely impact your self-esteem and trigger insecurities. Because you cannot avoid them, learn how to negate them. These steps will help you combat your insecurities and strengthen your confidence in you own worth and abilities.

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

The more you focus on the people listening to you, and the less you worry about what everyone is thinking about you, the less anxiety you will have and the more confident you will be in speaking. Practice these six keys in everyday interactions with family or friends. The better you get at it, the easier it will be to do it.

Too Many Dull Moments

Now that the end of winter is near, shake off your winter blues! Here are a few easy and useful suggestions of things you can do today to help kick your boredom to the curb and shift your life into higher gear right!

Learning to Enjoy Life by Watching Dogs

Research shows us that owning a dog can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Dog lovers know that dogs teach ways of living that we might want to emulate. Watching your canine friend—or someone else’s—and imitate some of their behaviors. This can be your guide to improving moods and learning to enjoy life more.

If “Talk Is Cheap”

The idiom that “talk is cheap” originates because actions DO speak so much louder than words. But recognize as a parent that talking and continuing to talk, even when teens are not responding, could be the most valuable gift you can give them.

Will This Be Your Year?

What can you do differently this year that will make it the year to do that? There are five key steps – it’s not too early or too late, so begin today! Make 2015 your new year for goal achievement.

Making Holidays Happy Days

Holidays are often the most depressing time of the year for some people. While you may not be able to change your external circumstances and create the holiday you believe you “should” have, there are a few steps you can take to make the holidays happier days this year.

Letting Off the Steam Before You Blow!

There are steps to take to control your rage and manage your emotional response. After all, it isn’t the other guy or gal who is getting hurt by your rising blood pressure and your tension headache – it’s you! Look at these Five steps to managing your rage and letting the steam out before you blow.

The Things Cats Teach Us

Watching a cat can be just a lot of fun, and it can also be a wise thing to do if you learn from the feline wisdom. What do you need to do differently to enjoy your life a little bit more? See if the cat has something to teach you.

Help – I am STRESSED!

There will always be something to deal with in life – some bigger, some smaller. Some things are very significant and some things are less significant, but when they build up during any given day, they can seem overwhelming and problematic. You can’t stop the events in most cases, but you can change the way you react.

Using Self-Hypnosis to Manage Weight

Because so much of weight control is truly a case of mind over matter, hypnosis can be a very effective tool for weight loss. Let’s look at five steps you can take to self-hypnotize and start losing those few (or many) extra pounds.

Don’t Leave Me Alone With My Thoughts!

Alone time is important. The space between action and ongoing thoughts is where creative ideas are born. It’s where you may have a chance to see something about yourself you didn’t realize before, you may have your best brainstorm for how to get somewhere you want to go, or how to get out of some mess you are in! Without that quiet time, a lot is lost.