Why You Stay Stuck and Unhappy

Fall is a great time to take stock and review what you have done so far this year, where you hoped to be, and what steps you need to take to get where you want to go.

The (Lost) Art of Self-Reflection

If you are tired of the blame game and want to get real answers, consider engaging in a little self-reflection with these nine steps.

Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset in a Difficult Job Market

Take steps to prepare yourself to be more confident no matter how the winds of the employment market may blow

Stop Giving Your Power Away to Others

Take back your power with these 5 steps on dealing with difficult people! Own your reactions and actions, and shift the dynamic to lessen the sting inflicted by a negative person.

Have a Little More Blarney in Your Vocabulary!

7 steps you want to consider taking to pass along that “gift of eloquence” and “gift of gab” that kissing the Blarney Stone is supposed to impart!

Say What You Mean; Mean What You Say

Learn to say what you mean and feel good about it, leaving others with their confidence and security in place. Consider these seven steps to being a more authentic communicator.

“I’m Sorry You Were Offended” Is Not Really an Apology!

Consider these 5 steps to get good at saying sorry when you aren’t even sure you did anything wrong.

Choose in Favor of Happy

Is it possible to just live happy? Stop moping and complaining, and start reaping the benefits of being happy with these 8 steps. Choose to be happy!

Becoming a Polished, Professional Presenter

If you know you could improve your opportunities in your workplace, or you just generally want to become better at presenting your thoughts and ideas, what can you do to improve?

Mindful Working

What if you can change the dynamic so even in the midst of the stress, you stay calm and mindful? Shake off the stress with these 5 practices you can employ in your workplace.

Hate Your Boss? Hate Your Job? You Are Not Alone

There are many aspects of job negativity that could be affecting you. Try and see if one or more of these six ideas could help you in some way.

How Humble Are You?

People spend a a lot of time trying to figure out others. Knowing one’s self leads to mastery of one’s self, and that is where true power lies. Gain the power with these 6 steps.

Curing Neediness

Needy people, who always rely on others, deprive themselves of joy and happiness that come from personal growth, a sense of accomplishment, and the ability to take care of others.

We All Deserve Some TLC

Both selflessness and self-care are essential for emotional wellness.

5 Foolproof Ways to Stay Motivated

Motivation is key! Sometimes life throws us and set us back from reaching our goals. Use these tips to help you sustain your motivation through to success.

A Conflict-Rife World

It's not so easy to avoid conflict but mastering resolution strategies and skills will help you develop coping skills, increased self-awareness and greater self-esteem.

Seeking Validation Online Doesn’t Bring Real Happiness

Pressure to be socially accepted can affect the self-esteem of many social media users. If you are negative impacted by SM, it might be time to reevaluate how you want to use it.

Taking Control of Your Anger

5 key steps to help be more thoughtful when you feel angry. Decide whether you want to react in an angry way and whether that response will best serve you.

Understanding Introverts

5 ways to help an extrovert understand an introvert. Why do we feel we need to change those who aren't like us; instead, let's choose to understand them!

5 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail…

Follow these simple steps and get a sound game plan for reaching your objectives in the new year. Forget the failures, and approach this year with positive thoughts.

5 Ways to Shake Off the Pain of Rejection

Not everyone copes with rejection in the same way. Build up your self-confidence and self-esteem by using these FIVE steps to develop a more effective response to rejection.

Turn Change Into Opportunity

Change is going to happen. It’s a fact of life - don't resist it. Capitalize on opportunities by understanding your responses and making good choices in managing it. Here are 7 steps to prepare for the next big change!

Rushing Through Life

Despite all the planning, scheduling and multitasking, for so many of us there never seems to be enough time anymore. We run non-stop around the clock, dividing our attention among millions of things, constantly scrambling for more time. If you want to slow down and take some of your life back, consider trying one (or more) of these approaches.

Like No One Is Watching

We’d like to believe ourselves to be “good” people — kind and altruistic — it’s not that easy when life’s challenges are in front of us. The culture we live in seems to have rapidly deteriorating standards of how we treat others. Here are five tips to consider if you'd like to get your own personal compass back on track and feel good about making good choices!

The Least Useful Thing to Say to Someone Who's Down

When trying to comfort someone going through difficult times, we must consider numerous details to decide how to best help them.

Feeling Guilty?

Guilt can isolate one from friends and family and a healthy social life, trap one’s mind in a never-ending cycle of self-pity and self-punishment, and eventually destroy one’s self esteem. Why are some people not affected by it, whereas others get completely swallowed by this ruinous emotion?

Distracted Living

Realize where your priorities lie and turn your undivided attention towards them to use all of your efforts and resources achieving things that make you feel proud and content. These seven tips can help you stop living distracted and add more value to the time you have!

On Grudges and the Importance of Letting Go

Forgiveness is the most frequently cited remedy for ridding oneself of a grudge and moving forward with life. If you find yourself willing to let go of your grudge but held back by your negative feelings and inability to forgive the wrong-doer, explore these five steps to identify what’s in your way of letting go, and how-to finally release the negativity from your life.

Developing Time Management Skills

When life gets busy, things pile up. Time management is not about having all of those things done; it’s about having enough time for what matters most to you. By managing your time in a more efficient way, not only will you the right things done, but you’ll also have enough time to relax, de-stress and breathe more freely.

Teenage Insecurities

To ensure peace of mind and safety of their children during adolescence, parents need to take early preemptive action. Help teenagers improve their self-esteem during adolescence, and also strengthen and maintain a positive relationship, by taking advantage of these five pieces of advice.