Another View From the Top

Marisa Thalberg, a Taco Bell executive, leads with empathy.

Leading While Female

"I expect problems and enjoy solving them."

How to Find (and Keep) Your Ideal Creative Partner

Looking for the key to unlock your brilliant ideas? In his new book, Joshua Wolf Shenk showcases the magic that can happen when creative soul mates find each other.
5 Ways to Raise Better Readers

5 Ways to Raise Better Readers

"Let them have apps!" and other interesting pieces of advice on raising readers in a digital age, courtesy of Jason Boog.

A Celebrity for a Mentor?

Rachel Bertsche's new book, "Jennifer, Gwyneth & Me," turns celebrity worship into viable self-help.

Top 10 Friendfluence Rules

Friendfluence is the powerful and often unappreciated effect that friends have on our development, personalities, habits, values, and well-being. Here are 10 rules.

10 Friendship Conundrums

We're too tired to see friends, yet energized after meeting with them. That's just one of the many paradoxes of friendship.

Smalls Schools, Diverse Friendships

You might think students on big, diverse campuses would be more likely to befriend people who are different from them. A few studies suggest the opposite is true.

How HBO's GIRLS Gets Friendship Right

"Girls" nails friendship while other popular shows either denigrate or romanticize it.

Are Your Friends a Bad Influence On You?

Bad influences aren't just for teens. Are your grown-up friends leading you astray?

A Problem With The Marshmallow Test?

Willpower might not be the only thing The Marshmallow Test captures about kids.

God's Consolation Prize

As a new article on an intimidatingly hip group of fashionable pals highlights, definitions of "friends" and "family" are blurring.

Knock Out Bad Habits, Cultivate Good Ones

While bad habits are astonishingly strong, they do have weak points.

Has a Friend Saved You? (Literally or Figuratively)

Tell me about a friend who has truly helped you.
Have You Ever Friend-Dated?

Have You Ever Friend-Dated?

Rachel Bertsche's unconventional dating spree was a great success.

A World Without Women?

"A world without women" sounds like science fiction. But the gender imbalance is real: 160 million women are "missing" around the globe.

Shopping with Darwin

A Q and A with Gad Saad about consumer behavior.

Why We're Terrible Predictors

In his fascinating new book, Duncan Watts, a principal research scientist at Yahoo! Research and former professor of sociology at Columbia University, takes a critical look at common sense and shows how dangerously bad we are at predicting certain outcomes.

Black Swan: Art and Madness

Black Swan is eerily beautiful yet terrifying.

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye...

Today we say goodbye to Matthew Hutson, who has been PT's News Editor for the past four years.

"Precious" and the Power of Writing

The crux of the new film "Precious" has a basis in research psychology.
Getting Over a Narcissistic Mother

Getting Over a Narcissistic Mother

How to get over a narcissistic mom.