This post is in response to Celebrate National Women's Friendship Month! September 2009 by Irene S Levine

Don't forget to write a tribute to your best friend in the comments section of Irene Levine's latest post!

The writers of the best entries will win a copy of Dr. Levine's new book, Best Friends Forever

Here's my tribute (done purely out of of gratitude, since I already have the book.) 

I met my best friend in a college dorm when I was 17, which means I've known her for roughly half of my life. I still feel like a teenager when I'm with her, and yet I'm keenly aware of how much she's seen me through the process of growing up. 

She is beautiful and empathetic and reacts strongly when she feels an injustice has been committed. I marvel at her ability to work, be a wife, raise a child, and still make time for writing letters to congressmen, senators, and her local union representatives! In case I'm incorrectly making her sound overbearing or self-righteous, she's in fact delicate and creative, and full of offbeat observations. 

She's always loving and supportive—but I'm perhaps most thankful for the times when she's pointed out my flaws and pushed me to be more honest with myself.

In spite of all of her accomplishments, she is modest. She is also discreet, so I won't say her name. I'll just say thank you very much to my BFF. 

 Friendfluence will be released on Jan. 15!

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