How Brands Addict Us

Brands are built to let you down and leave you wanting more

Why Negative Thoughts Are Normal

We're all wired for negativity for good reason: It helped us survive. But today these tendencies backfire. So forgive yourself, move on, and feel joy for a change.

How Donald Trumps Facts With Feelings

If you were surprised by the election you shouldn't be. Campaigns are won by feelings not facts.

Commandeering Cuteness for Commercialism

There is a good reason why cute and cuddly baby animals are tugging at your heart and pulling on your purse strings.

The Paradox of Information: More Data Is Making Us Dumber

There is a paradox in play in the age of information. More data is leading to more irrational decisions.

Is The Internet Making Us Racist?

We are more connected than ever. But in some ways we are becoming more divided.

Why Image Is Everything

Research reveals the irrational reasons we buy brands.

How Marketers Manipulate You Into Becoming Their Friend

New research reveals how shockingly easy it is to manipulate consumers to like and forgive marketers that deceive them.

Why Feelings Will Always Beat Facts

We often think we are logical people making fact-based decisions. But we are often being swayed simply by the use of a metaphor.

Empathy is Not a Choice

Before we blame 80 million Americans for their lack of empathy, we should consider that there is something more fundamental in play here—and a surprisingly quick fix for greater compassion.

How Your Brain Forces You to Watch Ads

Your brain is hardwired to pay attention to the best ads. Learn how to reprogram your mind to ignore them.
Why Email Is Only 7 Percent as Effective as Talking

Why Email Is Only 7 Percent as Effective as Talking

There are things that you are doing on email and text that are undermining your efforts. Here are a few common mistakes that we make when sending messages online and a few tips to improve your communication.

An Open Letter to Advertisers — We Are Not Your “Consumers”

Is all this talk of consumer empowerment just a ploy to sell more stuff? Find out why the consumer is not in control and what you can do to level the playing field.

7 Unconscious Errors We Make When Buying Brands

You will be stunned and amazed by the mistakes that you make when buying brands. Because they are unconscious you don't even realize that you are making them each time you reach for a brand new product.

How Advertising Infects Your Children’s Minds (And Yours)

The most effective ads that transform cultures and sell brands work best by tapping into our deepest instinctual strivings without our own awareness. I call them the six S's. Find out how to recognize and resist them.

More Effective Than Advertising

Why this non-traditional sales tactic is influencing you more than ads.

How Marketers Manipulate You Without Your Knowing

Whether you know it or not you are being programmed unconsciously

How We Convince Ourselves To Buy Products We Don't Need

We are not rational. We are rationalizers. Find out how your mind convinces you to open your wallet or tighten your purse strings.

What Costco And The Church Have In Common

The Church and Costco have developed strong followings partly by using this key ingredient to a hypnotic modality.

The Most Powerful Weapon Of Influence In Human History

Your decisions are not your own making. Once you become aware of the most powerful persuasion weapon ever, it can become your empowering tool to create your ideal life.

How the Media Manipulates You Without Your Knowing

Marketing experts have devised proven tactics guaranteed to influence the masses below the level of conscious awareness. Here are their most powerful ways to win people over—and how you can use them too.

Unconscious Branding

Are we really in control of the brands and products that we choose to buy? Cognitive neuroscience tells us that consumers, i.e. humans, make most of their decisions unconsciously. Elucidating the process will open our minds and inspire us to change for the better, both in how we sell and how we buy.