My Up and Down Life

I didn't start falling down, like most people do, as I aged. I've spent my life falling down, and seen doctors to find out why. Too late, I found the medical profession failed me.

Woody, Again - Irrational Man

The talented Woody Allen has entertained fans with a new film each year for nearly half a century. But just when his career is at its prime, the reprisal of old, denied, and never proved molestation charges by his still bitter ex-lover Mia Farrow and company has left his personal reputation newly tarnished, and threatens to dent the box office appeal of his films.

World War II Memories

A I was to young to remember much about it. But I've been so riveted to other people's dramatizations of the war in books, films or on the screen, that the war has felt like part of my psychic reality. You could say I've been just one step shy of suffering a Brian Williams type 'embellishment syndrome.'

Odd Couple House Mates

Decades ago intergenerational living was widespread, ofen for economic reason. From the mid-1950s, nuclear families became the norm. Today's convulsive economic upheaval has seen a return of multi-generational housing situations. And as my recent experience with my grandson attests, while it may not be a familar phenomenom, it definitely has its pluses for young and old.

Forever Young - Through Humor and Surgery

The late comic icon, Joan Rivers, like writer Daphne Merkin, and psychologist/blogger, Joan Ullman, have all voiced at times extreme unhappiness with their physical appearance - what in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is termed Bodily Dysmorphic Disorder. But far from having been undone, each woman triumphed over her affliction.

Yearning for a Friendly Divorce

Most divorcing couples hope to reach an amicable solution. Instead, their aspirations often end in bitterness, resentment and prolonged unhappiness for their children. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her musician husband Chris Martin recently introduced a new term for this often-doomed aspiration: conscious uncoupling. Here's a humorous take on a serious subject.

Woody-Mia Redux

A second look at the Woody-Mia custody battle suggests that Woody may have been right all along.