Prejudice Against Atheists Is a Matter of Trust

In all of the current political campaigning, none of the politicians are avowed atheists. There is a range of religious affiliations among candidates, but none of them claim to have no belief in God at all. New research suggests that people are prejudiced against atheists, because they find them untrustworthy.

He Has a Great Personality: The Negative Positive Description

The statement, "(S)he has a great personality," has become a cliché for saying that someone is unattractive. How does this happen? After all, if someone has a great personality, that is a good thing.

Dealing with Negative Events

As the saying goes, "Into each life, a little rain must fall." That is, you can't go through life without having anything negative happening. There are at least two ways to deal with negative events, and they have different influences on your well-being and memory.

The Value of a Nap During Skill Learning

There are lots of skills that we pick up over the years. When we first learn these skills, we often spend a lot of time practicing. Can sleeping help you learn as well?

You Can Vent Your Anger If You Really Want to

The beauty of psychology research is that it can make you think differently about things. A case in point comes from the ongoing research on the influence of violent video games on aggressive behavior.

Kids Think Humans Are Special

There is no doubt that humans are special among all of the animals on Earth. Although, we are special, we are also members of the animal kingdom. Yet, language distorts the relationship between humans and the rest of the animals.

Price, Quality, and Value

Whenever you are thinking about buying something, price plays a role in your decision process. How do you use price to make judgments of quality and value?

The Psychological Response to Obstacles

Few important things in life come easy. How do you deal with obstacles?

Narcissists Feel Like Better Leaders

Narcissists are people who dream big. They generally think of themselves as being more intelligent and exceptional than they are. Because of their high levels of self-confidence, they are also tapped to be leaders in many situations. So, should we just let the narcissists take over?

Looking Under the Hood of Research

Psychology research has the power to change the world. But the quality of the recommendations we draw from the research is only as good as the data on which those recommendations are based. So, it is worth looking under the hood on research a bit and thinking about some of the weaknesses in the way that data are collected.

An Hour Next Year Is Shorter than an Hour Tomorrow

We all need to make plans for the future, and many of those plans involve estimating time. One factor that may influence your judgments of the amount of time a project will take is the amount of time before you start.

Harness the Power of Temptation

There are two kinds of dieters in this world. Those who see a piece of chocolate cake as a monumental hurdle to be overcome, and those who see that same piece of chocolate cake as a reminder that they are on a diet. How can you turn yourself into the second kind of person?

Habits Are Incredibly Powerful

We like to think we have a tremendous amount of control over our own behavior. Yet, our habits have a huge influence on the way we act. In general, we like to do what we did last time in the same context.

Don’t Waste My Time…

We all know that time flies when you're having fun. The flip side, of course, is that boring events seem to drag on. How does your sense of entitlement affect your perception of the passage of time?

Why Do You Close Your Eyes to Remember?

When you have to answer a tough question or remember something you often close your eyes or look up. Does that help?

The Upside and Downside of Envy

Negative emotions like anxiety, sadness, and envy can be physically painful. But they can have an upside as well. Recent research explores both the upside and the downside of envy.

Infants and Imitation

There are a variety of theories about what infants know when they are imitating an adult's behavior. How much are infants really reasoning about behavior when they imitate?

Choice and Power Are Both Means of Controlling Our Lives

People have a general goal to exert control over their lives. There are many ways to achieve that goal including having power or having choice.

Infants Don’t See Fast Changes

Adults have to survive in a world where they have to notice things that change quickly. What about infants?

Are ADHD Drugs Smart Pills?

People looking for an edge often turn to medications to make them smart. A new paper explores whether ADHD stimulants can make normal people smarter.

Should You Look Back on the Past with Rose-Colored Glasses?

An old song says, "Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative." The advice in this song is simple. Focus on the positive elements of your life. Is that always good advice?

Cultural Differences in Reactions to Thoughts of Death

Research suggests that you protect yourself from thoughts of death by enhancing your sense of self. What it means to enhance your sense of self, though, depends on your culture.

Test Yourself to Learn Better

We usually think of studying as the activity we do to learn so that we can succeed later on tests. Perhaps studying and testing shouldn't be treated separately.

Gender, Anixiety, and Purchases

Shopping and decision making can be stressful. In those case, people look for all kinds of ways to reduce the stress of a choice.

Your View of the Future Is Shaped by the Past

It seems easy to think about what you will be doing next week.It seems harder to imagine what you'll be doing in five years. How do you envision the future?

Why Do We Like People Who Like the Music We Do?

When you're at a party and you meet new people, you'd like to have some way to get to know about them quickly. Finding out about their musical taste is helpful. When you discover that you share musical taste with someone, it increases how much you like them.

Group Membership and Commitment to Goals

When people are part of a group, they often have to work together toward a common goal. How do you motivate everyone in the group to work toward the goal? How does the strength of people's identity as a group member affect their motivation?

We Are More Likely to Bribe Than I Am

There is a variant of the golden rule that says "Whoever has the gold, rules." But, bribery is a moral issue. How do people overcome the guilt and fear to make the decision to offer a bribe?

When You Negotiate, Don’t Argue

There is a lot of interesting psychology involved in negotiation. How much should you try to persuade at the same time that you negotiate?

Overcoming Anger at Products That Backfire

There are many products that aim to protect us in various ways. Despite the best intentions of these products, though, they sometimes fail. How can we minimize the strength of the betrayal we feel when protections backfire?