Money, Charity, and Emotions

The amazing thing about money is that every dollar is supposed to be the same as every other dollar. But psychologically, every dollar is not the same.

Dogs and Object Permanence

The work of Jean Piaget shaped our understanding of cognitive development in children, and it also gave us several tasks that we can use to study other animals.

Dogs and Communication

If you have ever been around a dog, you know that dogs and humans are able to communicate to some degree. What do they know when they communicate?

What Do Dogs See When They Look at People?

Dogs are wonderful human companions. What do psychologists know about what dogs see when they look at people?

The Type of Praise You Give Matters

There are many different kinds of praise that you can give a child. Not all of them have the same impact. Some may even be negative.

People Evaluate You Differently Than You Think They Do

There are many situations in which you have to decide how to present information about yourself that other people will evaluate. What information should you provide?

Persistence Is Hard When Answers Are Available

How is the time you put into problem solving affected by being able to get the answers to the problem?

Study: Measuring Aspects of Religious Experience Is Hard

Religion is an important part of many people’s lives all over the world. How can we measure the dimensions of religions experience?

Personality and Volunteering

Many important tasks in the world are done by nonprofit organizations that engage volunteers in activities that would not make for successful businesses.

Getting Rid of Misinformation Is Hard

There is a lot of discussion in the media these days about fake news because false information persists in its impact on people's beliefs.

Mindfulness Is Not Always Positive

It's everywhere these days. Mindfulness reduces stress and helps people clear their minds. Can it also reduce thoughts related to criminal behavior?

Messing With Information in Short-Term Memory

Sometimes the world around you is busy. Other times, it is fairly stable. How does that stability affect what you remember from moment-to-moment?

Consistency of Process Creates Confidence in Choice

Much of the research on how people make decisions has understandably focused on what people select when given an array of options. How does the process of choice affect confidence?

The Growth Mindset Works, but Not for Everyone

One of the challenges with research in psychology is going from promising lab results to the use of those findings in the world. Here's an example from education.

Mental Accounting and Self-Control

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Richard Thaler from the University of Chicago. His work explores strategies people use for making choices.

How Personality Changes in Teens

A new study explores how traits shift and stabilize over time.

Using Big Data to Study Psychology

There is a lot of discussion about the value of big data for companies. Can big data help science as well?

The True Self

What does it mean to believe that there is a "true self" inside of everyone?

Gender Differences Among Adults in Business School

Over the last several decades there has been concern about gender differences in performance in school in a variety of topics. What about school performance of adults?

The Pitfalls of Popularizing New Science

I believe that it is important for scientists to popularize psychology. At the same time, I think that there are real dangers in popularizing science.

Labels Make Explanations Seem Better

Nouns are interesting. They can have a significant effect on the way people evaluate explanations.

Are Simple Behavioral Interventions Cost Effective?

Governments, nonprofits, and companies all try to influence people’s behavior. They do that in lots of ways. How should behavioral science play a role in this influence?

Why Do Stories of Change Inspire?

A staple of self-help groups is that people who have been through addiction and alcoholism tell stories of their journey. Why are those stories inspiring?

Death May Be More Positive for the Dying Than We Expect

It seems straightforward to say that death is scary and bad. Many people express that they have a fear of death. Do people nearing death express lots of fear and anxiety?

The Impact of Vocational Interests on Life

There are many characteristics of people that affect the choices they make in life. We often focus on personality traits. But what about interests in work?

Keeping Secrets Is Bad for You. This Is Why.

It seems obvious that keeping secrets is bad for you. It may also seem obvious why secrets are bad for your well-being. You're probably wrong about that.

Self-Concept Influences the Tendency To Network

The phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know that matters” has become a cliché, because it is true. What affects people's tendency to build their network?

Humor Sometimes Makes Stressful Situations Better

Jokes and witty conversation can make you feel closer to the people around you. Is this how humor helps with stress?

Moral Beliefs Affect Liking for Other Groups

It is unsurprising that we like people who believe what we do. Does any difference in moral values decrease how much time we want to spend with them?

Seeing Things from Another's Perspective Creates Empathy

Often, when you have a difference in opinion with someone else, you are encouraged to “see the world from their perspective.” What does that mean?