Turnarounds and the 2012 Presidential Election

Central to the 2012 election is the idea that the United States needs a turnaround. While change seems a typical theme for most elections, the turnaround focus in 2012 is particularly fervent - why?
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Finding the Confidence to Win

How do you overcome chronic defeat to eventually win? By assessing Andy Murray's U.S. Open win after losing four major championship matches, we can gain unique insight into what it takes to overcome loss and succeed.
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A Giants' Take on Turnarounds

Charles Way, Director of Player Development for the New York Giants, is a onetime pro turned front office smart guy. Responsible for supporting the off field development of players, Way points to the Giants head coach when discussing turnarounds.
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Olympic Turnarounds

Turnarounds can go in two distinct directions: losers who pull it together to win or winners who crack and sadly lose. In looking at the Olympics, Canada's women's soccer team and the United States men's gymnastics team went in represented either end of the spectrum, but how can we try to explain the differences in their success or collapse?
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Are the New York Mets the Biggest Turnaround Story in Baseball?

The 2012 Major League Baseball season may be remembered as the year of the turnaround. While multiple teams are having a banner season, outperforming years of heartache and struggle, the New York Mets deserve special attention for what they're doing to overcome adversity and succeed.