The Worlds of Oliver Sacks Festival

Festival Poster

Oliver Sacks is the man who made neuropsychology accessible to the contemporary everyday reader. His fascinating case studies, including stories about his own unusual neuropsychological quirks (for example, his poor ability to recognize familiar faces and objects), his warm and humane approach to his “patients” and his understanding and respect for their creative thinking, and his lyrical, yet informative prose have endeared him to millions of readers, from his first “break-out” book THE MAN WHO MISTOOK HIS WIFE FOR A HAT, to his most recent, HALLUCINATIONS. His work has been dramatized and discussed for years, and now New York Live Arts, in a new venture called “Live Ideas” has announced that their inaugural 5 day festival in April this year will celebrate “The Worlds of Oliver Sacks”. Included will be discussions on themes loved by Dr. Sacks, as well as film, theatre, dance and musical performances. Dr. Sacks, of course, will be participating. If you are lucky enough to be in New York at the time of this festival, put this at the front of your calendar. Such an opportunity to celebrate that amazing squishy organ inside our heads, as well as the work of one of its greatest advocates, Oliver Sacks, may never come again.

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