A Bird's Life in New York City

By choosing to perform acts of kindness whenever possible, we help the lives of others and of ourselves, and can make our tender and vulnerable world more safe and stable.

Acceptance, Gratitude and Celebrating Life

On some occasions when many people feel joy, others may suffer painful emotions. We can choose to adopt a healthy perspective - and feel uplifted instead of deprived & depressed.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want !

Many people are experiencing intense emotions after the results of the November 2016 election. Those in distress have the power to change their feelings, if they choose to do so.

Happy Birthday Albert Ellis PhD !

Albert Ellis PhD - Pioneer, maverick - creator of unique wit and know-er of wisdom, changed the lives of millions through his innovative works, huge body of writings, and example.

Remembering Mother Teresa: Now Saint Teresa of Calcutta

People who inspire us by their efforts in helping others remind us of the privilege and fulfillment of providing care, compassion, kindness, and helpful deeds for people in need.

Sleep With Arianna Huffington, and Others

Getting sufficient sleep is important, and many people feel anxious when unsuccessful at doing so. Thinking in healthy ways to reduce anxiety allows better sleep, and waking life!

Along Came a Spider...

Life contains the unexpected. Prevention IS better than cure! To help us cope with any alarming circumstances, we had better practice healthy thinking BEFORE adversities arise.

Reducing the Pain

When rotten happenings occur such as tragic events, not getting what we want or getting what we don't want: we can choose to make effort to minimize our suffering and maximize joy.

The First Time

When we think in overgeneralizing ways we set ourselves up for a fall. Let's create a habit of thinking about our thinking, choosing healthy thinking, which results in greater joy.