Why Is it so Hard to Stop People Pleasing?

People pleasing is not just a habit; it's an identity.

'I Didn't Mean It,' or 'It Didn't Mean Anything'

Ever had someone say "I didn't mean it" or "It didn't mean anything" right after they wounded you seriously?

The People-Pleasing Habit

People pleasing isn't pleasant for the pleaser.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

How to turn your fears into your friends.

The G-Spot

Guilt is a bully and an abuser and is absolutely unnecessary.

Manipulation and Identity

If you live in an identity--other than your authentic self--you have been manipulated and are manipulating in order to generate and perpetuate that identity.

Recognizing Manipulation

You got me--I got you.

The Boundaries of YOU

Do others have more rights to you than you?

Woundedness and Authenticity

What is the real psychological damage in our woundedness?

The Ability to Reject the Projection

How do we learn to stop accepting the projections of others.

Identity and Introjection

What did you receive as identity that isn't really yours?

Projection and Identity

What if who you think you are, were in large part, just someone else's stuff that you've incorporated as identity?

How Much of You is Really YOU?

Image. What has it to do with who you really are?

What a Therapist Can Do

Whether the therapist becomes the-rapist or not will depend in part on whether or not s/he trusts the client's process.

Truth vs. Power

Without truth is power really power?

Power Vs. Truth

Which one gives us the greater edge, power or truth?

Sex and Authenticity

Is it true that long-term commitment takes the fun out of sex?

Authenticity as Excellence

Excellence doesn't come from working hard, hard, hardest. It comes from authenticity.

Powerlessness AS Power Part II

How do we overcome a Victim identity?

The Dream Lover

Getting Real Could Save Your Relationship

Is Rage a Choice?

Is it really possible for us to be "out-of-control?"

Creating Boundaries

It's not about where you stop, but where I begin.

Acting Out

Are you acting, or reacting? Creating your life, or bouncing off of someone else's life?

Going Down Under

Are you missing important messages from your psyche, by trying to live a moral life?

At the Core Essence, Beyond Morality: Who Are You Really?

What if our assumptions about morality are all wrong?

Who Would You Be Without Your Morals?

If there were no rules to go by, who would you be?

Evil: Live Spelled Backwards

Who would you be without the notion of evil?

The Good-Evil Complex

Who would you be without the good/evil complex?

Bargaining with the F-Word

Who is in the driver's seat? You? Or, your fear?

The F-Word: Fear

Can fear and empowerment exist in the same breath?