Mindfulness and Being Present in the Moment

Living in the moment has an abundance of benefits.

Tragedy in Las Vegas: Strategies for Psychological Healing

Strategies for psychologically processing and helping others through this difficult time.

Post-Hurricane Stress, Anxiety, Recovery, and PTSD

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Recognizing and Accepting Psychological Distress

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Overcoming Sexual Assault: Symptoms & Recovery

Seeking professional help after sexual assault is one of the most important and helpful things you can do.

Perspective: The Difference Maker in Memories & Experiences

Perspective is the main factor in determining how an event resonates with you, how you feel about a situation, and how you will remember what happened.

Different Types of Trauma: Small 't' versus Large ‘T’

Are you feeling stressed and unable to cope, but don't understand why? There may be good reasons for that.