Envy: The Vice That Stings You Twice

Why do we submit to envy, knowing -- as we do -- that it is painful and pointless?

Writing For Our Lives

I was a sassy teenager with an Old World father and a meek mother. Years later, the drive to express myself commemorates their lives.

Animal Husbandry

How can a small animal cause such a big pain?

Here Comes The Bride's Mother

Life stages seem harder as we grow older, but we deepen in the process.

Down Under

I should probably hate Mel Gibson.

Fall Back, Spring Forward

For all the years I had no time to myself, I now had all the time I could want.

Elizabeth Taylor Saved My Life

For this dark-haired girl, Elizabeth Taylor was a raven-haired ray of hope.

Trauma and Families: Moving Beyond a Difficult Past

My mission was to make the world better. Then, we could all be happy.