The Deadly Inappropriate Smile

Why is the look on his face so disturbing? Why is she smiling while her political opponent attacks her? Is a condescending smile abusive behavior? Is a killer smile at work legal?

Dominance and Submission in the Corporate Jungle

Have you been publicly humiliated into compliance by a condescending boss in a nasty work environment? Welcome to dominance and submission in the corporate jungle. What do you do?

A Boss Intoxicated By The Sound Of His Own Voice

An Executive Coach deals with a nasty, condescending leader exhibiting a psychopathology that turns viral and infects the organization. The CEO and Executive Board are resistant and in denial until employee grievances and negative posts on social media threaten the company brand. Diagnosis reveals that the CEO's ADHD & Intermittent Explosive Disorder goes companywide.

Back Door Man: Confessions of an Executive Coach

An organization denies a hired Executive Coach access to troubled leader's workplace despite conflict that has resulted in filed grievances, pending lawsuits and threats to the company brand. Can a consultant work with a leader in isolation? Provide diagnosis and treatment separate and apart from his workplace and battlefield? Enter the world of coach as a back door man.

Lust, Favors and Nepotism: Leadership Promotions Turn Toxic

Lust and who is sleeping with whom unfortunately continues to motivate leadership promotions in some top tier organizations. Add favors and nepotism to the illegitimate promotions list and it is a recipe for grievances, lawsuits and a toxic workplace. In 2015 this carnal and deceitful basis for promotions still slithers forward. I offer insights and remedies.

Leaders Who Trivialize the Human Element

Leaders who trivialize the human element may poison the workplace. As an Executive Coach I work with highly intelligent leaders who have convinced themselves that hardball, polarized, data driven management maximizes productivity and profits. When employees respond with grievances,threats of law suits and bad PR, I utilize coaching and leadership therapy to humanize.

Email Harassment

What can be done about a boss who regularly sends 3:30 A.M. emails to employees? Grievances are filed by agitated followers who feel bullied. Leadership is threatened and put on notice. The narrow line between harassment and over dedication is debated. An executive coach is summoned and conflict resolution requires eyeball-to-eyeball communication in the flesh.

Botox Leadership: Beware When a Toxic Boss Rules

Toxic leaders anger, frustrate and confuse. Why is your boss so abrupt, disrespectful, degrading and flippant? In the case of Mr. Angel Pettigrew, his recent plastic surgery and Botox treatments stirred up some old psychological issues. When Angel was repulsed by his bloated face he latched out at his employees. Destructive bosses may have strange reasons for bad behavior.

Seriously Flawed Feedback Demeans Exemplary Employees

Toxic feedback and evaluation systems undermine workplaces and careers. Scrutinize your company's feedback instruments. Are they accurate assessments or well intentioned debacles? Carefully monitor your current practices.

Toxic Leaders Publicly Humiliate and Poison Employees

When bosses publicly humiliate employees they do serious damage. Thou shalt not cause public loss of face in employees. Negative criticism must be limited to private venues; publicly demeaning treatment of employees is poisonous and infects entire organizations. Healthy alternatives are available.

Corporate Cancer

Corporate cancers typically start in the executive suite; failure to diagnose abusive leaders results in unethical, toxic behavior spreading throughout an organization;

Behind the Corporate Mask Is a Traumatized Leader

A traumatized leader lurks behind a politically correct corporate mask; he smiles on the surface – pain behind the Fortune 500 curtain. Shell-shocked professionals want to know.