My Childhood Trauma: What I Learned, What You Need to Know

Childhood traumas can be paralyzing. I share how I have coped with one that still detonates strong feelings.

Coping with Fear: Face It, Understand It, Overcome It

Fear is hard-wired into us, but unlike other animals we can confront, reflect on and disable our fears.

Write Your Own Fairy Tale

Fairy tales are simple stories that can serve as guides to the archetypal patterns in our unconscious minds. Use your favorite to discover and write you own custom fairy tale.

How Snow White's Cruel Stepmother Helps Us Cope with Evil

Like most fairy tales, Snow White uses archetypes — the innocent princess, the evil stepmother — to illustrate and teach us about universal aspects of human nature.

Revisiting the Myth of Narcissus and “Healthy Narcissism”

Let's take another look at the Myth of Narcissus and take pains to distinguish "healthy" from "unhealthy" narcissism.

Worried About Safety? Join the Club

When do you feel safe? In this anxious time, I take an informal survey of the many things that make us feel safe and unsafe.

How Facing Our “Shadow” Can Release Us From Scapegoating

Why do we assign blame and accuse others of causing misfortune? Carl Jung believed we project onto others what we deny about ourselves.

Abiding with Grief: Five Things I Learned

The crippling grief I experienced after my sister's recent death led me to investigate current research about grief and discover how transformative it can sometimes be.

How Anne Frank’s Secrets Turned Me into a Writer

For a nine-year-old in New Jersey, the confessions of a 13-year-old German girl to her diary were life-changing.

Five Faces of Self-Deception in a Post-Fact World

How do we handle the internal conflict that arises when events contradict deeply held beliefs? Protecting ourselves against self-deception is critical in our "Post-Fact World."

Dreams and Our Need for Empathy and Imagination

How can we avoid the "failure of imagination" we ascribe to our inability to foresee an upcoming catastrophe. Could our dreams unlock the imagination and empathy we're missing?

Understand Your Dreams by Using Jung's “Active Imagination”

Freud and Jung arrived at quite different conclusions about the meaning of our dreams; try Jung’s “active imagination” technique to begin to understand yours.

Dreaming Our Lives: 5 Things Our Dreams Could Be Telling Us

What do our dreams mean? Jungian analysis contends that our dreams can help us solve problems and offer keys to our inner self.

The Night Sea Journey: Lunar Consciousness and The Hero

What makes Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are such a transcendent reading experience for children of all ages? Perhaps Jung's archetype of transformation can explain.

The Lady with the Dog and the Mystery of Attraction

How do we explain the mystery of attraction to a person, or our special attachment to a pet. My encounter with a "lady with a dog" reminded me of Chekhov's famous story.

Connecting Earth and Sky: Bringing Nature Inside You

Environments can increase or reduce our stress and anxiety. “Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” —E. O. Wilson

Mothers, Witches, and the Power of Archetypes

Why have witches always been with us? Learn how archetypes can help you cope with destructive influences.

Four Principles of Survival My Characters Taught Me

What can fictional characters teach you about survival? I learned four principles of survival from the characters in my first novel, but only after I had finished writing.

Recalling Epidaurus Prompts Five Antidotes for a Toxic World

Do you have a sacred place? A visit to Epidaurus revealed the power and meaning of sacred spaces. Recalling that visit suggested five ways you can develop your own sacred space.

Treating Patients, Creating Characters

Sometimes we're great at listening to others, but tone-deaf to the loud summons from our inner voice. Attending to prompts from the unconscious pays off!