Will Burns

has a passion: ideas. Where they come from. How to get more. How to pool idea experts and let them loose on client and business problems to see what solutions they come up with.

Ideasicle is Will's Expert-Sourcing strategy of world-class idea experts. His team has helped Chevrolet, Saranac Beer, US Open Air Film Festival, and numerous other businesses launch products, PR campaigns, and more.

Will and I had a chance to talk recently when he interviewed me for his Ideasicle Pod-cast. He's interviewed the likes of music video producer Nick Egan (director in art, design, and music video - Duran, Duran, Sex Pistols) and Sir Ken Robinson (author of The Element and all-around outstanding consultant on the need for creativity to blast open educational institutions), so I'm honored to be included.

We had a great time rapping about

how the creative impulse arises out of a biological and spiritual unrest,

why we creatives (and college freshmen) need to fertilize confusion,

what the environmental mind is,

and much more.

Listen the Ideasicle interview and drop us a note here or at Ideasicle.

Here's Will's summary:

1. We begin by discussing the nature of creativity itself, and how Jeffrey believes it comes from our own unrest.

2. Creativity and evolution, and how our inspiration may just be a natural extension of human evolution.

3. Jeffrey explains the concept of the "Environmental Mind" and the importance of our immediate surroundings in aiding our creativity.

4. He lets us in on some fresh research he's been doing around the seeming contradiction of focus and distraction being BOTH important in creativity.

5. A great bit on serendipity and its role in the ideation process.

6. Learn how yoga screwed up Jeffrey's life in some beautiful ways, and how yoga can help you focus and truly "show up" in ways you never have before.

7. We discuss breathing and how it is the only way we can influence our autoimmune system.

8. Then an enlightening talk about Jeffrey's concept of "Fertile Confusion," or the need to refrain from the easy solutions.

9. We wrap it up with a primer to Jeffrey's new book (in progress) on the concept of Wonder.

And keep posted because I have a lot of questions for Will, marketing, and his wildly successful expert-sourcing strategy that I'll wanted answered when I interview him.

Listen in and leave a note.

See you in the woods,

P.S. To bone up on more of some of these topics, check out The Journey from the Center to the Page: Yoga Philosophies and Principles as Muse for Authentic Writing, join me at the lovely Kripalu Center in Massachusetts for a week's journey into shifting From Reactivity to Creativity in Times of Fertile Confusion, or hook up with an amazing group of action-oriented creatives in the Yoga As Muse TRIBE Facilitator Training. -jbd

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Jeffrey Davis

Jeffrey Davis is a creativity consultant and the author of The Journey from the Center to the Page: Yoga Philosophies and Practices as Muse for Authentic Writing.

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