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A Radical Alternative to New Year's Goal-Setting

Setting goals can be depressing. But what if we had a proven set of factors to motivate us to set and attain meaningful goals?

Impostor's Syndrome and the Afflictions of the Accomplished

Accomplished people can remedy their fears of "being found out."

The Art of Deliberate Daydreaming

If you work within a company, deliberate daydreaming makes you both dangerous and indispensable.

The Science of the Daydreaming Paradox for Innovation

Most people aren’t trained to daydream on purpose. That’s where the art of deliberate daydreaming comes in and where science is catching up with the wisdom.

When Creative & Business Mentors Show Up

The legend of the the “lone creative genius” has an air of truth, but it’s never the whole story. Many legendary geniuses had mentors along the way.

3 Surprising Books to Help You Write Your Own

Writing a book requires different kinds of cognition. What times of day are optimal to think big picture, write conceptually, edit rationally, and draft imaginatively?

Create a Morning Routine That Works For You

Most of us have heard and read the value of a morning routine. Yet, despite our best intentions, morning routines often go awry. What to do?

Why DIY Is Bad Advice for Entrepreneurs and Creatives

Easy access to information and software doesn't mean you should—or can—build your venture alone. Here's why DIT (Do-It-Together) beats DIY.

Every Professional & Creative Needs This Talent Every Day

What if you could approach your work, your family, and yourself with more open intelligence? What if it led to healthier team relationships and more value to your clients?
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A Journey to the Good Life

Author, entrepreneur, and business strategist Jonathan Fields shares his journey to the good life in his latest book How to Live a Good Life released today.

Is Digital Technology Just A Buzzy Distraction?

When we gain or regain the skill set to harness our attention, then we can make wiser decisions about when, how, and why we use digital technology and the Internet.

How “Good Stress” Helps Creativity in the Workplace

Not all stress is equal. Which stressful factors can contribute to an employee's creativity and innovation?

How Wonder Plays a Key Role in Collaboration

Creative professionals often think they must suffer their projects alone. They’re often mistaken. Collaboration is essential for creative productivity and innovation.

Body Thinking and the Wobble Effect Behind Brain Pickings

How do we sedentary tribes plug in our bodies for creating and thinking?

Why Excellence Is Not a Privilege

It’s a birthright. It’s in part what we human beings are here for.

How a Coaching Habit Can Lead to Greater Leadership Success

How does infusing curiosity and a coaching habit into your daily life lead to more focused, self-sufficient teams and more great work?

Combating Distractions for a Morning Routine That Works

Most attempts to establish morning routines fail. Why? Because of .2 seconds. And an elephant.

How the Science of Creative Mindfulness Helps

If anxiety stalls your best work, consider these simple ways to redirect your attention.

Why Entrepreneurs Burn Out (And What To Do About It)

What causes burnout among entrepreneurs vs. employees? How can it be avoided?

From Masochism to Mastery in Creative Fields

Whether you excel in a creative field has largely to do with problems. Namely, how you respond to them. Every big idea begets a series of challenges and problems.
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Creativity Is Not About Amateurs or Academies

We have big problems causing big divides. We have a huge global class divide that is becoming canyon-wide and deep. We have people resurrecting primal fears and prejudices and hatreds.
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Is Obsessive Genius Your Model for Mastery?

Obsession has promise. Obsession is in part what advances our cultures of art-making, solution-making, life-making. But must our risking excellence come at the cost of our humanity?

Is Obsessive Genius Your Model for Mastery?

Obsession has promise. Obsession is in part what advances our cultures of art-making, solution-making, life-making. But must our risking excellence come at the cost of our humanity?

Creative Mind Breaks for Productive Loafing

Oh, the spaces a day makes if we stand and stare.

'The Eureka Factor' and Your Creative Brain

A creative insight can be as small as landing on an angle for a blog post or as big as discovering a fresh angle for a new book or business launch. The moment you gain such an insight flashes like lightning – and vanishes like lightning. Can you become aware of such moments? And can you replicate them?

Why We Procrastinate at Bedtime

No external boss means we must self-monitor sleep habits.

Less Labor Works Better: The Value of Mind-Wandering

The amateur lets the mind wander vagrantly. The over-worked expert demands the mind work 17 hours a day. Somewhere between is the business artistry talent of deliberate daydreaming.
How to Live the Brave Story You Must Write

How to Live the Brave Story You Must Write

Buzzing stories tell you that you have no choice. The voice of your Brave Story reminds you that you have choices to be brave with your time every single day. If you can see the choices you daily make in responding to circumstances, maybe you can start to make more intentional choices to write the Brave Story you must tell.

5 Foundations to Flourish?

What distinguishes creatives and business artists who flourish has less to do with wealth, ease, or freedom from challenge. Creativity consultant Jeffrey Davis breaks down his own case studies and compares them to the literature on human flourishing.

Artful Stupidity, Curiosity's Wiser Cousin

Curiosity is a hungry emotion that can get satiated. Left to its own devices, the curious writer or innovator could become an information-bloated blow-hard. What to do? How to tame curiosity’s desire to know without squelching its necessary drive?