Is the Super Bowl Taking a Toll on You?

Even though the end of the NFL season will result in some people dreading the return to “real-life” responsibilities, others will celebrate the connections they’ve built this season and fully enjoy the Super Bowl experience, no matter who wins or loses.

Understanding World Cup Fever

Having to wait four years for another champion to be crowned creates a level of excitement and flag waving that attracts non-soccer fans and non-sports fans that may know absolutely nothing about the teams and players they’re cheering for or even the rules of the game. What other explanations are there for World Cup fever?

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack

After a long winter, Major League Baseball is back. And fans across the country are wasting no time making up for months away from the hotdog stand, sometimes splurging on high-calorie foods faster than teams can keep producing them. Is this just fans enjoying the ballpark experience or is it emotional eating that can't be controlled?

Court Storming: Are Sports Fans Crossing the Line?

Storming the court has become something of a rite of passage for college students. Your team wins a big game, you pour out of the student section and you celebrate on the field or court with the athletes and coaches. But as we saw Thursday night with a college basketball brawl in Orem, Utah, not having boundaries between players and fans can lead to serious problems.

Is God Wearing a Peyton Manning or Russell Wilson jersey?

Sports fans aren't just searching for comfort when they ask God to help their team. Many are actually praying for some divine intervention.

Should Sports Fans Be More Responsible on Twitter?

Sports fans have always had their strong opinions. Only now, instead of sharing their views about a player or team in private, fans can easily voice their thoughts to a worldwide audience with Twitter. There's a big responsibility that goes with that.

When Fans Turn Fanatical

People focus on how violent sports like the NFL are, but a closer look at what's happening in the stands and the parking lots outside of arenas and stadiums will show that watching a game or cheering for your favorite team can also be a dangerous activity.

Is There a Method to All This Fantasy Football Madness?

No longer relegated to just watching on their couch or in the stands, fans now have a voice and a little bit of control over the $9 billion a year revenue earner known as the NFL. And that produces some real benefits, no matter how fake fantasy football may be.

Is it Safe to Worship Athletes?

How many of us as kids had posters on our bedroom walls of our favorite athlete or movie star? How many of us had to know everything about this person and idolized him or her? It's normal. It's what kids do. Then we grow up and move past this hero worship stage and enjoy healthy adult lives. Or are we able to completely move past it?

What Motivates Fantasy Football Players?

Some play to win and collect money. Others play to connect with friends and family and enjoy some good-natured trash talk. Fantasy football is officially back.

Why Do Fans Continue to Run on the Field at Sporting Events?

Each summer, the best in baseball join on one field to showcase their talents at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. At the 2013 Midsummer Classic at Citi Field, there was an uninvited participant trying to show off his baserunning skills.

Tattoo or No Tattoo? That Is the Question

Sports fans can show their love of a team or player by donning a hat, showing off their favorite T-shirt or jacket, or slapping a bumper sticker on the back of their car. So why would they make such a permanent statement with a tattoo? There are a number of reasons, actually.

Is It OK For Adults to Collect Bobbleheads?

Some argue that it's strange for adults to collect bobbleheads because they're just "dolls" or "toys." Many strongly disagree.

What Can NBA Center Jason Collins Expect From Fans?

NBA veteran Jason Collins made worldwide news last month when he revealed he was gay in a Sports Illustrated piece. The outpouring of support has come from U.S. presidents, star professional athletes and thousands of fans, but what will be the response to this aging center next season when many fans will be more interested in how Collins can help their team win?