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You Can Love Your Country and Still Take a Knee

We are more divided than ever. The controversy over "taking a knee" and honoring our country reflects how we confuse signs and symbols. Here's a better way to think about it.
Robson Hatsukami Morgan

Facebook Gets Ugly: Politics Brings Out the Troll In Us

Making Facebook safe again: How this presidential election is unsocial on social media and unfriendly to our friends, and what to do about it.

The Best Medicine for ADHD isn't Necessarily Medicine

What if the the best medicine for young kids with ADHD isn't medicine after all? New CDC study says try this first.

Donald Trump Will Make You Smarter

Donald Trump can make you more self-aware, empathic and humble. Who knew?

5 Steps To Choosing Torture: Psychologists Breaking Bad

If you think the leaders in the American Psychological Association would interpret "Do no harm" broadly enough to mean: "Do not torture people," you are wrong.

Free-Range Parenting

Humans have been debating how to get your kid to be a successful adult since we began to speak. For free-range parents, the answer is autonomy and responsibility -- early and often.

Life is Beautiful?

He hit me about the head with newspaper and yelled furiously at me. I am five years old. It is one of the most wonderful memories of my life.