Does Music Make You Deaf? Music Part I

We often worry that listening to loud music - particularly with earphones - destroys hearing. But can it help you as well?

Are Today's Kids Programmed for Boredom?

Boredom can be a sign that you've never learned what you like to do or how to make that happen. Or a sign of rebellion. Or a symptom of a childhood spent too well entertained. Which is it for your kids?

The Stigma of Depression: Mea Culpa

The prejudice we hold again people with mental illnesses like depression comes out in subtle ways.

Surviving Tough Times

When things are easy, gazelles win out. But you want a warthog in the mud. Hard times are like that.

Pirates, Piaget, and the Null Hypothesis

Pirates, Piaget, and the Null Hypothesis. Can science tell us whether pirates wore eyepatches to help them see better in the dark?

Is it Okay to Let Your Toddler Play with the iPad?

Babies and cats with iPads are just too cute. And it's SO tempting to let them play when we're busy. But is it okay?

Hey Guys! Watch This! For Teens, Friends Make Risk More Fun

Why are movies funnier, roller coasters more exciting, and car crashes more common when teens are with friends? New fMRI studies provide some clues.

Teens Respond to Pleasure, Not Pain: Parent Accordingly

Teens' risky behavior and dumb choices drive parents crazy. But teens respond better to advice if you talk to the reward part of their brain, rather to the punishment part. Here's how a scientific paper changed my parenting for the better.

Facebook As Sexually Transmitted Disease: The Dark Side of Tags

Facebook is like a sexually transmitted disease, in that your risk is proportional to that of your highest risk 'friend'. And just like sexually transmitted diseases, there are things you can do to protect yourself. A 'How To' primer.

The Gorilla In Times Square

Our expectations shape what we see in profound - and pretty funny - ways. What are you missing because you're not paying attention?

Scaffolding Is Good, Hovering Is Bad: A Guide For Parents

Are you a supportive, concerned parent or a smothering, hovering helicopter one? Three telltale signs that signal the difference.

Going to College? A Short List of Things Students Have to Know

Finances, housekeeping, and manners. Is your child ready for college? They're walking out the door. A short list of things they really have to know.

Listening to Words that Aren't Said: Terry Pratchett and the Witches

Listening to your own inner voice can tell you it's time to look for the important words not said.

It Takes 40 Weeks To Build a Baby: WAIT!

Is a few weeks' discomfort and a little inconvenience worth the health of your baby?

Five Tips for a Happy Family Summer

Flexibility, structure, a bit of work and a lot of fun make lazy summer days 'just happen'.

Is Your Teen Trustworthy? Can You Tell?

All kids lie sometimes, but some lie much more than others. Can you tell who is who?

Old Fashioned Letters and Ponderosa Pines: Musings on Time and Communication

Letters disperse thoughts and emotions through time, as well as space.

You Can't Win: Why Parents Feel Guilty

Does 'fabulous' parenting really land kids in therapy?

Traveling Abroad? Eight Tips for Keeping Your Foot OUT of Your Mouth

A little observation, a tiny bit of work, and a smidge of courtesy can keep you from sticking your foot in your mouth and help you truly enjoy your visit.

How To Give a Great Presentation: Just Do It!

Five tips on how to give a great presentation or run an effective meeting.

Don't Kick That Pigeon! What Psychology Owes the Dove

How the lowly pigeon taught us to work effectively with autistic children and understand the development of delinquency.

Fifty Things I Love About My Mother

Parenting isn't just work, a skill, or a tool to optimize child development. It's an expression of who you are.

Walking In Another Person's Boots: Backyard Chickens 2

Chickens used to be a pervasive part of people's lives - and that's reflected in our language. Now that I know them, my view of language and literature has changed too.

Want Your Tween To Open Up? Listen!

When moms respect children's boundaries, kids respond by bringing those boundaries down. But it's not warmth that does it. It's listening. And they're not the same thing.

Walking on Eggshells: When Good Parenting Becomes Prying

When does good parenting cross the line to prying and spying? Parents and kids disagree in surprising ways.

Backyard Chickens Part I: Babyness

I wanted the chickens for the eggs, and to feel closer to nature. It made relative economic sense and fit into my longstanding garden, fishponds, and love of the old fashioned. I didn't expect them to be so darn CUTE.

Get Out! Sneaky Kids and Prying Parents Make a Toxic Mix

Do parents who pry know more about their teen's lives?

Is the science behind sniffer dogs bogus?

Are sniffer dogs effective or are do they only reflect their handlers' prejudices?

If Psychology is Interesting, Why Aren't Scientific Psychology Papers?

The creative act of doing science is different than the creative act of making art. In the arts, the prototypic act of creativity is one that throws out old ideas and does something NEW. Creativity in the sciences is different.

Questions From China About the US's Tiger Mom Obsession

A major Chinese magazines asks why Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom has received so much attention in the US.