Reporting Statistics in APA Style

It's easier to remember the general principle of how to report stats in APA style. The details will take care of themselves.

Why Do Teens Lie? Part 1

Lying has many shades of gray. Kids are good at it.

Going Abroad Your Junior Year? Plan!

Thinking about studying abroad? If you want to party, go on vacation. If you want to broaden your educational experience, think hard about what you want and how best to get it.

How to Relax in Five Minutes

Spending a minute relaxing your body can help you focus on that next big task.

No Mom, You Can't Read Your Daughter's Diary (or Texts)

Your gut tells you that it's wrong to snoop in someone's diary or texts. But why? Twenty years of research backs up your gut. But also tells us when it might be okay.

Adulting is Hard: Making Christmas

We arrive at adulthood when we learn that we are the doers and makers, not just the recipients.

Apps to Play WITH Your Kids

Ten minutes of planning, and you can turn your phone into a great resource for playing socially with your kids.

Metaphors Help Explain Tough Topics Like Bias

Metaphors can help us understand complex, emotionally charged topics like sexual consent and microaggressions.

12 Tech Habits To Keep Healthy For Life

We spend a lot of time on phones and computers. Developing good habits in how we sit, type, and text can improve our health and reduce pain over a lifetime.

"Just a Headache?" You've Never Had a Migraine

Minimizing invisible illnesses increases pain and stigma. It's not 'just a headache'. It's the most common neurological problem in the world, causing untold suffering.

How To Lie To Your Parents

What kinds of behaviors evoke parental prying?

Tense? Four Techniques for Relaxing on the Go

Physically relaxing helps you let go of mental stress and physical pain. These are four fast exercises you can do almost anywhere.

Pain, Ambiguous Loss and Acceptance

Acceptance can be learning to accept that pain, right now, is reality, while simultaneously fighting for a better future.

Take Pictures of People, Not Things

It's the people you want to remember, not the things. That's the photo to take.

Is Weight Loss Impossible? The Value of Data

Most people regain the weight they've lost. But not everyone. If 65% regain, 35% keep that weight down. Logging your food can help.

Moist and Oozy: Are We Talking Cake or Crevices?

Does the word 'moist' evoke cake or armpits for you? Powerful words evoke powerful emotions.

Why Does Everyone Hate the Popular Kids?

Why are the popular kids in middle school so powerful? And also so hated?

In School and Feeling Dumb? You're Not Alone

Why do most people find science 'harder' than history? Because we spend more time lost in the of proximal development.

Star Wars: The Creation of Vader

Star Wars I-III answer the question: how did little Ani turn into the evil Darth Vader? As a developmental psychologist, I rewatched them to find out. Here's what I learned.

Stop Panicking, It's Bad For The Kids

Background noise often feeds anxiety and helplessness. And kids hear that too.

Getting Kids in Pain to School: Tips From the Trenches

The recommended rehab for kids in pain is to send them to school. But how? Some thoughts. Please add your own.

What You Should Never Say to Someone Who's Suffering

To me, saying that illness and pain happens 'for a reason' steals efficacy. It tells me that there's a divine plan for my son to suffer. And I cannot accept that.

Kids in Pain, Part 1: Chronic vs. Acute Pain

A surprising number of children spend significant amounts of their lives in pain. What is chronic pain?

Don't Choose a Major: Choose the Skills You Want To Have

The job market today is more based on skills and knowledge than the degree on your transcript. So think about skills when you choose a major.

A 20-Second Experiment in Racial Stereotypes

A 20-second demonstration of where stereotypes come from. Knowledge is power.

Disability? In College? Advice on Talking to Professors

Many of my students with documented disabilities hand me an accommodation letter and run from the classroom. This doesn't help me really understand what they need.

Invading Privacy in the Name of Safety

Whether or not we allow parents and governments to invade our privacy depends on how the question is framed - is it a safety or moral concern or is simply an issue that concerns only ourselves.

Why You Lied to Your Parents (and What They Really Knew)

Respecting children's boundaries while staying strict and engaged is the best way to encourage them to share information and to keep them from lying.

Music Probably Doesn't Make Kids Smarter. So What?

Music lessons probably don't make kids smarter. But they have lots of other benefits.

Moody Teen? Three Strategies That Help

It's not hormones that make teens volatile and moody, it's their crazy schedule and their physical needs. Teens grow as fast as toddlers and - like toddlers - will throw tantrums when they don't get what they want and need. You can't change their school days, but you can help them get what they need to stay happy and be easier to live with.