3 More Common but Toxic Beliefs and Their Antidotes

The thought is not the fact or just because you believe it doesn't make it true. Here are three more, common beliefs that impede people's happiness and relationship success.

And The Three Best Therapy Methods Are...

Despite the enormous number of current therapy methods, these three consistently tower over all the others time after time. The three most effective therapy methods are...

3 Common but Toxic Beliefs (and Their Antidotes)

Just because you believe it doesn't make it true. Here are three common beliefs that actually undermine people's happiness and prevent them from greater relationship success.

Can Visualization Techniques Treat Serious Diseases?

Learn how to harness your mind's power for psychological enrichment and physical benefits, too. Welcome to the fascinating field of psychoneuroimmunolgy (PNI).

Do Therapists Really Have More "Power" Than Their Clients?

Many people mistakenly think their therapists have more "power" in the relationship than they do. Here's why you and your therapist relate on a level, interpersonal playing field.

Understanding OCD

Here's some information that will help you to better understand the crippling anxiety disorder of OCD, how to best treat it, and why the treatment works.

The 3 Keys to Maintaining a Happy Relationship

Despite wanting to have happy and harmonious marriages, many people fall into several communication traps when trying to resolve common marital conflicts. Unfortunately, these relationship "land mines" are blundered onto very easily because they are subtle rather than glaring and obvious. This post identifies them and provides ways to best defuse them.

3 Ways To Sexually Reconnect With Your Partner

Want to reconnect with your partner sexually? No matter how long it's been, here are three powerful was to resuscitate your sex life.

Why Insight Is Not Necessary For Lasting Therapeutic Change

Evidence has proven and real therapeutic benefit seldom requires that people know the reasons for their problems or the causes of them. Here's what does matter.

3 Reasons Your Friends Annoy You (and What to Do About It)

When a person we care about consistently annoys us, or acts in a bothersome way, there is usually an explanation for his or her objectionable behavior that falls into one (or more) of three categories. Here are the three main reasons why other people get under our skin and the solutions for them.

Empowerment and Better Health Through Assertive Behavior

Are you passive or aggressive when being assertive is usually the best choice? Here's why assertiveness is an essential life skill that empowers people, boosts their self-confidence, enhances relationships, and might even reduce certain health risks.

How to Stop Intimacy Harming, Negative Emotional Language

Negative emotional language tends to be damaging to relationships because it conveys messages of strong disapproval and criticism. Here is how to recognize it, and switch it to level headed, descriptive language which enhances communication and fosters greater intimacy.

How Most Depression Can be Beaten With One Simple Method

Behavioral Activation Therapy or BAT might be the single best treatment for depression. Here is what it is, and why it works so well.

How Most Anxiety Can be Beaten With Just One Simple Method

The most important ingredient in almost all successful anxiety treatments is what therapists call exposure. Here is what it is and why it works.

How to Break the Bonds of Victimhood and Build Self-Esteem

Here are two simple ways to feel more in control of your life and better about yourself.

9 Essential Issues Good Therapy Should Address

Despite the fact that all people are unique individuals who will need their therapy tailored to their specific needs, there are some general factors that define good therapy. If you and your therapist are not addressing them, important therapeutic stones may be left unturned thus limiting your therapy's effectiveness.

We Use Only 10% of Our Brains and Evolution Is Just a Theory

Do you believe that people use only 10 percent of their brains, or that evolution is merely a theory? Perhaps after a perusal of this post you'll jettison such nonsense and be more scientifically savvy as a result.

Meditation: What It Is, How To Do It, And Why You Should

Once you cut through the all the hype, meditation is very helpful for many people. Indeed, meditating regularly can enhance physical and mental well-being. Here's how to do it.

Your Most Important Sex Organ Probably Isn't What You Think

Most people aren't aware of what their most important sexual organ is. It might surprise you to learn it's your tongue and not necessarily for the reasons you think.

How to Know If Your Goals Are Realistic

Are you a quitter or a switcher? Quitters stop trying too soon because they often lack perseverance. Switchers redirect their efforts after giving something a fair try and wisely recognize their intrinsic limitations. Which are you?

Why You Need Actual Friends In An Increasingly Virtual World

Despite the rising role of social media in the world, many people complain of increasing loneliness and isolation. Here is what you need to know about actual, genuine friendship.

Why You Need to Know Your Emotional Temperature

Many people tend to overreact. Here is a simple but effective method for gauging your emotional responses and keeping them in proportion.

How to Beat OCD Without Drugs (It's Simple But Not Easy!)

Here's how to conquer OCD using cognitive-behavior therapy which is much more effective than drug treatment, has no medication side-effects, and carries a far lower relapse rate. You might be surprised at how simple it is.

Is Purpose the Key to Longevity?

Recent research has suggested that purpose in life, no matter when arrived at, can enhance longevity. Perhaps by coming to terms with other existential challenges too, both quantity of life and quality of life can be further optimized.

Five Psychotherapy Myths Many Therapists Believe

It is not surprising that many consumers in the mental health marketplace have various misconceptions about psychotherapy. What is surprising, however, is that many therapists have them too and they hinder their therapeutic effectiveness.

Four Simple Ways to Increase Your Psychological Flexibility

Here's how to make your mind more nimble and increase your psychological range of motion.

Seven Ways to Become a Better You

Professor Arnold A. Lazarus pioneered CBT and created MMT (Multimodal Therapy) which is one of the most comprehensive yet elegant methods of psychological therapy ever conceived. Here is a quick, seven question framework with which you can use the power of MMT to transform yourself.

Four Habits of Happy People

You may not know how many years you'll have in your life, but here's a surefire way to get more life into your years and get the most happiness out of your life.

What to Do If Your Child Comes Out

Here are the essential Dos and Don'ts of helping your child if he or she comes out to you.

Understanding Mourning

Here is some helpful information about an almost universal occurrence that is uniquely experienced.