Are You a Good Judge or Just Judgmental?

Some people are quick to make judgmental pronouncements about others. Here is why they are usually wrong.

How to Let Go of Unhealthy Grudges

Hanging onto grudges and past grievances only contributes to unhappiness and corrodes relationships. Here's how you can defuse these psychological time bombs.

Understanding Depression

Clinical or major depression is a potentially deadly illness that affects many millions of people at any given time. Here's how to gain a better of understanding of it.

Do You Confuse People's "States" With Their "Traits?"

It's common for people to use overgeneralizations when criticizing others. Here's why they're almost always untrue and reflect a basic lack of understanding human nature.

Beat Your Anxiety by Correcting These Mental Miscalculations

Here are a few common, cognitive errors that cause anxiety and what you can do to correct them.

Five Elixirs for Revitalizing Love and Intimacy

Here are five easy ways to improve your relationship, and four intimacy killers to work on eliminating.

Are You Happy With Your Character Resume?

A lot of people place excessive importance on material "success." They use money, things, and achievements as their metrics of choice. Here's why many of them are unhappy.

The Most Powerful Word For Promoting Love And Intimacy Is...

There is one simple word that has incredible power when it comes to promoting love, closeness and good feelings in meaningful relationships. It may surprise you to know what it is

Are All Therapies Equally Effective?

It's increasingly believed, especially in academia, that all psychological therapies are basically equivalent. Here's why that's an absurd notion, and two other therapy myths.

The Dangers of Scientific Illiteracy

The widespread absence of scientific understanding within the population is unfortunate. But its lack among our elected leaders is downright dangerous.

Facts, Truths, Beliefs, Opinions, and "Alternative Facts"

In this time of "alternative facts," it's helpful to understand that a "fact" is a fact precisely because the "alternatives" have been disproven!

A Common Cause of Misery and a Formula for Happiness

Here is how to defuse a powder keg of self-imposed unhappiness and the three essential ingredients of happiness.

Why U.S. Presidents Should be Psychologically Vetted

In the United States, most responsible occupations require specific training, passing a licensing exam, and/or rigorous psychological screening. Why, then, not the presidency?

Why "Goofing Off" Is Good to Do

Harness the power of distributed practice to maximize your productivity.

Three Expectations Typical of Unhappy People

Here are three unreasonable demands that are often associated with unhappiness. By ridding youself of these irrational expectations you can boost your overall satisfaction.

Why Your Clutter Is Killing You and What to Do About It

Are you a clutterbug, packrat or full-blown hoarder? Here's why your stuff could be weighing down your health and happiness. And what to start doing about it.

Why Narcissistic Sociopaths Objectify Women

The recent media attention on certain politician's and buisness leader's antisocial behavior is not surprising since certain personality types seem drawn to politics and business.

How to Make Things Better by Making Them Worse

While it's counter intuitive, sometimes to make things better we first have to make them worse. Here's how to understand and use the power of paradox to solve many problems.

The Drug Free Way to Sleep Soundly

Here's a surprisingly simple way to beat insomnia without the use of drugs or supplements.

How To Manage ADHD Without Drugs

Here are seven nonmedical methods that help people with ADHD.

The Power of Imagery

While the power of positive thinking is great, the power of positive imagery is often greater. Here are two of the most effective visualization techniques.

Why the Best Therapy Is a Biopsychosocial Process

Many therapists are very narrow focused and use only a few favored methods. Yet unless a therapist assesses someone's difficulties broadly, important problems can be missed.

3 More Common but Toxic Beliefs and Their Antidotes

The thought is not the fact or just because you believe it doesn't make it true. Here are three more, common beliefs that impede people's happiness and relationship success.

And The Three Best Therapy Methods Are...

Despite the enormous number of current therapy methods, these three consistently tower over all the others time after time. The three most effective therapy methods are...

3 Common but Toxic Beliefs (and Their Antidotes)

Just because you believe it doesn't make it true. Here are three common beliefs that actually undermine people's happiness and prevent them from greater relationship success.

Can Visualization Techniques Treat Serious Diseases?

Learn how to harness your mind's power for psychological enrichment and physical benefits, too. Welcome to the fascinating field of psychoneuroimmunolgy (PNI).

Do Therapists Really Have More "Power" Than Their Clients?

Many people mistakenly think their therapists have more "power" in the relationship than they do. Here's why you and your therapist relate on a level, interpersonal playing field.

Understanding OCD

Here's some information that will help you to better understand the crippling anxiety disorder of OCD, how to best treat it, and why the treatment works.

The 3 Keys to Maintaining a Happy Relationship

Despite wanting to have happy and harmonious marriages, many people fall into several communication traps when trying to resolve common marital conflicts. Unfortunately, these relationship "land mines" are blundered onto very easily because they are subtle rather than glaring and obvious. This post identifies them and provides ways to best defuse them.

3 Ways To Sexually Reconnect With Your Partner

Want to reconnect with your partner sexually? No matter how long it's been, here are three powerful was to resuscitate your sex life.