Give up Worry by Recognizing it as a Bad Habit

Worry is made up of nagging, persistent thoughts that circle around in your head. It is "what if" statements, worst-case scenarios, and awful predictions. The act of worrying is an obsessive, habitual behavior-and one that you can give up. Here are 9 tips to help you put up boundaries around your worry.

Don't Let Bad Drivers Ruin Your Day

Are you bothered by the driver that dangerously cuts you off, slams on their brakes without reason, drives slower or faster than the speed limit, runs the red light or slams on their brakes at the yellow, fails to turn right on red or left when the arrow is lit, does not go when the light turns green, or sways between lanes as they talk or text on their phone? The answer is of course you are. Your feelings of frustration, anger, fear or resentment are understandable. Your feelings are a warning signal that you are facing a difficult or dangerous situation and the facts are you are facing exactly that.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

An elderly woman unfamiliar with Starbucks and her moderately mentally impaired son wait in line at Starbucks. The son starts barreling his mother with questions. Both are overwhelmed with the abundance of choices and appear baffled. The coffee barrista is inundated making drinks and the cashier can barely keep up with the traffic.