The Best Diet Is the One You'll Stick With

This bottom line seems to emerge whenever diets are compared over longer periods: there are no magic bullets, and the best diet is the one you’ll stick with. What will you stick with, though? That question itself can be hard to answer.

Adolescent Girls and “Not-Quite" Eating Disorders

Do you encourage or freak out if your normal weight teen wants to diet? When it comes to the thin-line of adolescent girls' "not quite" eating disorders, parents face new challenges—even when childhood eating issues have been minimal or non-existent before.

What Not to Say to Someone Trying to Lose Weight

The things you say to a dieter can help or hurt. And, if you're the dieter, your responses can affect your ultimate success. It serves us all to find ways to communicate and support each other’s efforts in good self-care.

Talking to Kids About Food

What Should Children Eat? Asks this year’s Food Issue of the New York Times Sunday magazine. The issue explores how to get kids to eat more adventurously, what kids around the world eat for breakfast (not always sweetened cereal....), and more. Continue the discussion here by pondering what encourages better choices, what instills too much fear?

Weight Loss Surgery and Sane Eating: Can they coexist?

How does weight loss surgery mesh--or not--with the goal of eating sanely? This question triggers strong reactions—it's an "easy way out” or a “band-aid”. Or, on the other side, it's an effortless solution. The idea of surgery as a drastic solution seesaws with the idea that it's a lazy solution. Neither idea is true, or helpful.

Self-Compassion for Weight Loss: 4 Ideas to Help Build It

Being kinder to yourself leads helps habit change — including eating-habit change — for several reasons. Some overeaters fear that self-compassion will decrease self-control. Others find mental habits hard to break. It's possible to cultivate a more self-compassionate stance with these guidelines.

Saner Eating Makes News: And Four Ways to Use the News

While we struggle in private with our own weight and diet demons, this public health and food environment does also help or hinder us

Weighing in on “Weighing In”

It’s a common question, with an answer that has shifted over time: “How often should I weigh myself?”

Addictive Foods

How do you deal with the foods that get you in trouble?

How Diet Books Can Help You Lose Weight

A book can help you to lose weight and stay fit—but never in the ways you might expect.

Counting More Than Calories: Factoring in Months and Years

Who moves through the feasts and parties and candies and dips without regaining?

Sugar News, Sugar Blues

Those of us concerned with diet, health, weight, eating disorders, and addiction follow what I call “Sugar News” with great interest. Bingers now benefit most.

"Food Is a Wonderful Place to Hide"

For many, starting in childhood or beyond, food becomes a source of solace and a companion—not only in hard times, but at the end of even normally stressful days.

Stand Up to Lose Weight

It's not always the grand gestures that add up to strong health habits. Sometimes something as simple as standing more, moving more, can add up to a big difference

Hot Off the Press: Sane Eating News

Can the media possibly bring us more on diet and weight? Yes, it seems so....though recent offerings seem especially helpful to those trying to eat more sanely, whether for weight loss or beating food addiction.

A Weight Loss Toolbox

Most of us need a “toolbox” to stay on a helpful plan, to stick with changes, and, finally, to turn changes into habits. At least five "eating trouble spots" can benefit.

Kicking a Food Addiction: Six Points On the Path to Peace

By now the scientific verdict is clear: some foods can spark cravings that rival those of any abused drug. These days, understanding and supports have solidified for the binger, though, and clearer paths to freedom can emerge. These paths often include six predictable points along the way.

Leaving the Kingdom of Sweets

As we leave the holidays behind, most of us also exit the Kingdom of are three pathways for cutting sugar successfully in the New Year.

Simple Gifts: Ten Not-So-Hard Ways to Avoid Holiday Pounds

Whatever else this holiday season may mean to you, it’s the season of “too much”. Yet even if you decide not to try to lose weight this month, you may well want to avoid gain.

Stand Up to Keep Weight Down

The world presents many challenges to staying fit and eating well. But thankfully, an easy move here or there really does help—in other words we needn’t struggle and strain for every bit of progress. Sitting less, for example, forms a reasonable and reachable goal--and one that has clear payoffs for health and weight.

If One Diet Doesn’t Fit All…. What Fits You?

On the whole, we Americans are quick to jump on any new diet bandwagon. And, boy, do those bandwagons fly by. But research repeatedly shows few outcome differences between diet types. The important factor seems to be staying the course with less overeating, no matter how that’s achieved.

Women and Weight

It’s an unfair fact of life that women face the greatest challenges in keeping weight down....

Fall Resolution: Eat Sanely

Fall resolutions can trump New Years'—check out these tips for eating more sanely.

Thin From Within: Reflections on How We Change How We Eat

Thin From Within celebrates two years of posting this month. What strikes me as I reread the posts altogether, though, is how the stream of new discussions about weight continue to complicate how we understand both “inner conflict” and “stuckness”.

Who Can Eat Just One?

Now that science finds similar pathways lighting the brain whether it’s on sugar or cocaine, many overeaters feel validated. They’ve known this “hijacking” for years. Others, puzzled by all the fuss, wonder “Why not just have one?

It Takes a Village—or a Buddy, Coach, or Team: Using Others to Get Slim

We take for granted that other people influence our health, for better and for worse.

Less Sugar in Your Life: Start at Home

We’re hit with more and more bitter news—our favorite sweets are toxic and addictive. As science explores obesity and metabolic syndrome, we’re getting the message that less is more when it comes to those sweets.

Sugar in Moderation? But How?

The news is in: sugar is addictive, toxic, and worse. But how to stop?