Male Disenhancement

Erectile dysfunction has become a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow. The companies that manufacture "male enhancement" drugs have successfully created advertising campaigns convincing us men that we should be able to get it up whenever and wherever we want.

Scientific Homophobia

Given all the evidence to the contrary, why did it take so long for psychiatry to publicly denounce the pathologization of homosexuality? The answer to this question is rooted in morality, not science.

What Is This J. Crew Controversy All About?

Last night as I was preparing to leave my office, I received a call from Ken Molestina, an investigative reporter for the local CBS-news affiliate, asking me if I had any thoughts about the recent controversy sparked by a J. Crew advertisement.

The Complicity of Psychologists in Torture

Given psychologists' complicity in torture, perhaps it is us - and not our patients - we should be examining.

Bipolar or Bi-Winning?

When asked if he was bipolar, Charlie Sheen responded, "What does that mean? I'm Bi-WINNING." And truth be told, he may be right.