Terrorism, Suicide, and Our National Priorities

The facts about suicide and terrorism should spark a national conversation about our priorities.

A Humbling, Helpful Adage to Live By

This blog offers a useful maxim for reflecting on one's beliefs.

It is a Myth that Psychology is a Young Science

It is time we retire the myth that a primary reason psychology struggles to achieve full status as a science is because it is too young.

The “Is Psychology a Science?” Debate

In some ways psychology is a science, but in some ways it is not.

Happiness Is Inner Harmony and Relational Connection

A study of almost 3,000 individuals from across the globe distills two key aspects to human well-being: inner harmony and connection to others. The unified approach explains why.

Empirical Support for the Tree of Knowledge System

The ToK works to solve deep conceptual problems in science in general and psychology in particular. But it also makes empirical predictions, some of which are reviewed here.

The Curious Incident of the Black NFL Kicker

Black kickers have long been absent from the NFL. Why?

Political Correctness Unpacked

I am done apologizing for being a straight white male. Is it ok for me to say that? In this blog, I unpack political correctness, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Should Therapists Try to Talk Soldiers Out of Their Guilt?

In a commonly used empirically supported treatment manual, therapists are guided on how to talk suffering vets out of their guilt.

The Anti-Obama Demagogue

Curious about what is driving Trump's rise? This blog explains the socio-political forces that are driving the support for the Anti-Obama demagogue.

Join the Unified Psychotherapy Movement

A new movement is emerging in psychotherapy, one that combines the major approaches and provides practitioners with a more comprehensive, holistic framework.

A Quick Self-Assessment of Well-Being

A quick 10 item self assessment of psychological health and well-being.

Maintaining Mental Health in College: A Conversation

A second part of a conversation on mental health and college students, focused on habits and lifestyles, college readiness, and having a CALM inner voice.

Islamophobia Up Close

Our community has been witness to striking examples of Islamophobia in the past few days.

Mental Health and College Students: A Conversation

College mental health is a huge issue. This blog explains what is happening and why.

Welcome to the Age of Confusion

We live in an age of existential confusion and growing problems and neither the traditional Christian right nor the postmodern academic left have the necessary solutions.

Understanding the Human Health-Illness Continuum

Responding to a question about whether obesity is a disease, this blog describes the key elements to keep in mind when considering the concepts of health and illness.

Is Psychology Insecure?

The emotional reaction of psychology supporters to Jeb Bush's comment is diagnostic of the field being in an insecure state.

Moving From the Biopsychosocial Model to the ToK System

This blog explains how the ToK System advances the standard biopsychosocial conception.

The Biopsychosocial Model and Its Limitations

Although a "biopsychosocial" view is prominent in psychiatry and medicine, critics argue it is limited, especially because it is "fuzzy" and so inclusive as to being meaningless.

The Paradoxes of Our Time

We live in a paradoxical age marked by enormous technological achievement and deep existential confusion.

Integral Culture, Spirituality, and a Category Error

Part II in a blog series on Ken Wilber's quadrants. This blog, by Andre Marquis, responds to a debate in the integral community by showing how the quadrants should guide how integralists think about spirituality and general truth claims.

Positioning Our Knowledge in Four Quadrants

There are many competing perspectives in philosophy. Here is a map of four quadrants of knowing that can help make sense of the differing views.

A Basic Map of Political Positions

A quick and simple map of the major political positions in America today.

Understanding the Defensive System

Psychological defenses are both common and complicated. The blog answers the basic questions associated with the defensive system (i.e., where, what, why, and how) to provide a map to help folks get better insight in their own processes of defense.

Trump: A Psychosocial Analysis

An psychosocial analysis of why Trump appeals to disaffected, angry white men.

Mapping Your Position in Cultural Space

This blog offers a way to get a larger perspective on one's position in social space.

Pervasive Adult Developmental Disorder

Pervasive Adult Developmental Disorder is a conceptualization I developed in because I found the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV categorization system for severe mental illness to be inadequate.

The Meaning of Human Existence: A Review

Edward Wilson's latest book is simultaneously heroic and frustrating.

When Does "It" Become a Person?

Human life does begin at conception; however, personhood does not.