Why Trump Can Be Loose with the Truth

Everyone can agree that Trump is loose with the truth. How did this come to be and why are some fine with it and others horrified by it?

Bias, Truth, Running Shoes and Elephants

Do you know people who only focus on selectively chosen facts? Are you that way? Here are some reflections on biases and perceiving the truth.

The Why, How, and What of Electing Donald Trump

Why did the US elect Trump, how did we not see it coming, and what can we now do? These deeply legitimate questions are being pondered at home and abroad.

Between a Meat Puppet and a Heavenly Soul

If we don't have a Heavenly soul, does that mean we are just meat puppets? No, and this blog explains why.

Humanizing the Other After a Polarizing Election

We are all vulnerable to dehumanizing those we have conflict with. This blog offers the story of Jason and Maria as a way to see the human in the other.

Pain, Anger, Sadness, Fear and Hope

I share my experiences, as we wake up the morning after.

Three Cheers for Big History

Big History offers us a unifying conception of the universe, the human condition and the sciences. As such, it deserves three cheers!

Why Communication Between Men and Women Sometimes Fails

Two friends, Jack and Sarah receive similar pieces of news, but respond very differently and annoy each other in the process. This blog explains why.

Turn Your Critical and Controlling Inner Voice to a CALM MO

Transform a harsh, critical inner voice to one that is Curious, Accepting, Loving, and Motivated to learn and grow.

When the Referral Question Is "Depression and Anxiety"

How should we think about a referral for help with "depression and anxiety"?

A 2020 Declaration of Belief

A Declaration of Belief for the 2020 election.

Three Kinds of Depressive Episodes

Once we recognize that depression is a state of behavioral shutdown, we can see that there are depressive reactions, depressive disorders, and depressive diseases.

The Content of Our Character

We must think about how this election will reflect on our national character.

The Enlightenment Gap and Psychology's Metaphysical Problem

Many of modern day psychology's core problems can be traced to the Enlightenment Gap. This blog describes the Gap and how to resolve the issues.

Intellectual Integrity and the Birther Conspiracy

Intellectual integrity and Trump's Orwellian campaign.

Self-Reflective Awareness: A Crucial Life Skill

This blog defines Self-Reflective Awareness, identifies eight key domains of self-awareness, and describes how it can be cultivated.

An Anti-Establishment Theory of Trump

This blog lays out a framework for understanding the social and political forces that have influenced the rise and success of Trump's candidacy.

Skinner's Fundamental Insight and Fundamental Error

Skinner's fundamental insight is the idea that animal behavior evolves via behavioral selection. His fundamental error was his radical behavioral philosophy.

What Do You Strive for in Relationships?

Power, achievement, intimacy and belonging are all key relational strivings that guide our everyday behavior.

A Unified Approach to Human Consciousness

A unified approach to human consciousness is laid out, and Freud's structural and topographical models are updated in the process.

The Adaptive Living Equation

A formula for adaptive living is offered. It is the process by which one realistically maximizes one's valued states of being, given one's personhood and environment over time.

Social Anxiety: Mapping Its 7 Key Components

These key elements help us understand social anxiety.

Political Correctness is All about Slave Morality

It is useful to look at political correctness as an example of a system that emphasizes slave morality.

Clinical and Counseling Psych: Time to End the Distinction

The distinction between clinical and counseling psychology made sense historically, but it is now time to retire it and join around an identity of Health Service Psychology.

Turning Against the Self: How it Causes Depressive Cycles

What does it mean to turn against yourself? This phenomenon can be very psychologically damaging, but it's possible to turn it around.

The Behavioral Shutdown Theory of Depression

Although many consider depression a disease, other perspectives are emerging. This blog explains how to think about depression as a state of behavioral shutdown.

Clarifying the Nature of Anxiety and Depression

This blog clarifies some points following the first principle that anxiety and depression are symptoms of threats to or losses of core psychological/relational needs.

Anxiety and Depression Are Symptoms, Not Diseases

It is crucial to first and foremost see anxiety and depression as symptoms of unmet needs for relational value, rather than diseases of the brain.

The Theater of Consciousness: A New Map

What is the best way to think about consciousness? This blog offers a new take on an old metaphor.

Trump: A Risk Assessment Perspective

A Trump Presidency would be risking catastrophe.