The Enlightenment Gap and Psychology's Metaphysical Problem

Many of modern day psychology's core problems can be traced to the Enlightenment Gap. This blog describes the Gap and how to resolve the issues.

Intellectual Integrity and the Birther Conspiracy

Intellectual integrity and Trump's Orwellian campaign.

Self-Reflective Awareness: A Crucial Life Skill

This blog defines Self-Reflective Awareness, identifies eight key domains of self-awareness, and describes how it can be cultivated.

An Anti-Establishment Theory of Trump

This blog lays out a framework for understanding the social and political forces that have influenced the rise and success of Trump's candidacy.

Skinner's Fundamental Insight and Fundamental Error

Skinner's fundamental insight is the idea that animal behavior evolves via behavioral selection. His fundamental error was his radical behavioral philosophy.

What Do You Strive for in Relationships?

Power, achievement, intimacy and belonging are all key relational strivings that guide our everyday behavior.

A Unified Approach to Human Consciousness

A unified approach to human consciousness is laid out, and Freud's structural and topographical models are updated in the process.

The Adaptive Living Equation

A formula for adaptive living is offered. It is the process by which one realistically maximizes one's valued states of being, given one's personhood and environment over time.

Social Anxiety: Mapping Its 7 Key Components

These key elements help us understand social anxiety.

Political Correctness is All about Slave Morality

It is useful to look at political correctness as an example of a system that emphasizes slave morality.

Clinical and Counseling Psych: Time to End the Distinction

The distinction between clinical and counseling psychology made sense historically, but it is now time to retire it and join around an identity of Health Service Psychology.

Turning Against the Self: How it Causes Depressive Cycles

What does it mean to turn against yourself? This phenomenon can be very psychologically damaging, but it's possible to turn it around.

The Behavioral Shutdown Theory of Depression

Although many consider depression a disease, other perspectives are emerging. This blog explains how to think about depression as a state of behavioral shutdown.

Clarifying the Nature of Anxiety and Depression

This blog clarifies some points following the first principle that anxiety and depression are symptoms of threats to or losses of core psychological/relational needs.

Anxiety and Depression Are Symptoms, Not Diseases

It is crucial to first and foremost see anxiety and depression as symptoms of unmet needs for relational value, rather than diseases of the brain.

The Theater of Consciousness: A New Map

What is the best way to think about consciousness? This blog offers a new take on an old metaphor.

Trump: A Risk Assessment Perspective

A Trump Presidency would be risking catastrophe.

The 3 Big Questions of Philosophy

We must take the great questions of philosophy seriously. Our very existence is being threatened by the deep existential confusion of our times.

A Powerful New Vision Bridging Science and Morality

This book powerfully combines evolutionary science with Aristotle's moral theory to create a powerful argument for the nature of the good.

We Need to Value Intellectual Integrity

Intellectual integrity is a core human value. It is a deep concern that Trump wears his disdain for intellectual integrity on his sleeve.

Making Sense of Beliefs and Values: A JUST Approach

Translating human beliefs and values into systems of justification helps to clarify these important but complicated constructs.

Terrorism, Suicide, and Our National Priorities

The facts about suicide and terrorism should spark a national conversation about our priorities.

A Humbling, Helpful Adage to Live By

This blog offers a useful maxim for reflecting on one's beliefs.

It is a Myth that Psychology is a Young Science

It is time we retire the myth that a primary reason psychology struggles to achieve full status as a science is because it is too young.

The “Is Psychology a Science?” Debate

In some ways psychology is a science, but in some ways it is not.

Happiness Is Inner Harmony and Relational Connection

A study of almost 3,000 individuals from across the globe distills two key aspects to human well-being: inner harmony and connection to others. The unified approach explains why.

Empirical Support for the Tree of Knowledge System

The ToK works to solve deep conceptual problems in science in general and psychology in particular. But it also makes empirical predictions, some of which are reviewed here.

The Curious Incident of the Black NFL Kicker

Black kickers have long been absent from the NFL. Why?

Political Correctness Unpacked

I am done apologizing for being a straight white male. Is it ok for me to say that? In this blog, I unpack political correctness, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Should Therapists Try to Talk Soldiers Out of Their Guilt?

In a commonly used empirically supported treatment manual, therapists are guided on how to talk suffering vets out of their guilt.