Sleeping Disorders Deconstructed

In the case of sleep disorders, there are over 80 on the horizon, wreaking havoc on handfuls of tired eyes.

Heart-Inducing Activities Lead to Enhanced Attraction

What if participating in more fear-inducing activities and enhancing our heart rates actually makes us take more risks and fall for people that weren’t initially on our radar?

Case of the Malleable Memory

Though reconstructing memories can sometimes be beneficial in easing anxiety or getting over grudges, we must proceed with caution.

Branding Yourself: Like Reblog Like

How we use social tools to leverage our self-brands and why this could lead to negative consequences for your mental health.

The Soul Mate Myth

The Soul Mate Myth

Oil and Vinegar: Why Opposites Don't Attract

Refuting the myth that opposites attract—similarities are what fuel the flame.

Stewing in Infidelity: Why Do People Cheat?

Exploring the evolutionary basis for cheating and ways of preventing relationship boredom.

How We Turn Our Frogs Into Princes

The powerful phenomenon that convinces us that our partners are the best.

Disclose Yourself

How self disclosure cultivates attraction