Workaholism and Power

Why workaholics tend to misuse the power that is the result of their overly-ambitious goals and their reputation for having a public persona that broadcasts their success.

Workaholism and Control

Have you been called a "control freak"?

Workaholism and Denial

Are you aware of when you are using one of the defense mechanism that support denial?

The Workaholic Breakdown - The Loss of Health

What happens to your health as the workaholic breakdown spirals downwards?

The Workaholic Breakdown - The Loss of Spirituality

How would you rate your own spirituality?

Workaholic Breakdown: Second Turning Point

The loss of integrity is a tragic outcome that occurs as the workaholic breakdown progresses.

Workaholic Breakdown - Loss of Independence

Are you becoming more confused about knowing exactly how you feel and think, or should feel or think? Have you started to need to look to others to give you clues?

Workaholic Breakdown Syndrome - Loss of Intimacy

Workaholics eventually lose their ability to be intimate. Find out why

Workaholic Breakdown Syndrome - Loss of Empathy

How would you rate your present level of empathy and compassion, and has this changed because of your obsession with work?

The Workaholic Breakdown Syndrome—Loss of Communication Skills

Workaholics experience a loss of communication skills when their crippled Feeling function no longer informs their judgment. Language, behavior, and values change.

The Workaholic Breakdown Syndrome: Loss of Feeling

Only by bringing into conscious awareness the escalating fears of failure, boredom, laziness, discovery, self-discovery, and paranoia will workaholics begin to recognize that something is seriously wrong.

The Workaholic Breakdown Syndrome—Guilt

Guilt, because it signals the need for corrective action, is a healthy response when one’s insensitive and thoughtless behavior and irresponsible wrongful actions negatively affect and trouble others.

The Workaholic Breakdown Syndrome: Chronic Fatigue

Dependent on others to affirm their self worth, workaholics suffer a crisis of confidence as the six escalating fears discussed in the previous blog, especially the fear of failure and increasing paranoia, cause anxiety levels to climb and eventually destabilize functioning.

Understanding the Dynamics of Workaholism-Narcissism

Normal levels of narcissism are fundamental to the development of our self-respect, self-love, and pride. Unfortunately, perfectionism and obsession can lead to high levels of ego-inflated self-absorption that encourages the development of neurotic narcissistic traits.

Understanding the Dynamics of Workaholism—Obsession

In order to further understand one of the inner dynamics of workaholism—that perfectionism leads to obsession, and in turn, obsession leads to increasing levels of narcissism—our focus now turns to the role that obsession plays.

Understanding the Dynamics of Workaholism—Perfectionism

Our topic is the particular role that perfectionism plays in our understanding of one of the interacting dynamics of workaholism—that perfectionism leads to obsession, and in turn, obsession leads to increasing levels of narcissism.