Clearing the Way for Major Collective Change

Each of our dreams contributes to the evolution of the species.

Dreams and Recovery from Addiction

After more than thirty—five years of working with my own and other people’s dreams I am convinced that all dreams come in the service of health and wholeness.

"I" in the World of Dreams

The hardest thing for even seasoned and experienced dream workers to grasp is that ultimately there is no more reason to take the dream ego's emotions literally then there is to take anything else in the dream literally.

Eating in Dreams

We seldom remember eating in dreams - why is that?  What does it mean when we do remember?

Dreaming, Racism and the Unconscious

Our dreams regularly give us a symbolic images and experiences which point to the nature and content of our unconscious lives, particularly those things in our unconscious lives that injure and limit us. Because this deep association between light and dark is so deeply collective and unconscious, it is "automatic" -that is to say, it is not subject to thought, consideration, or conscious choice. "Racism" is the direct result of interpreting these instinctive responses to light and darkness literally.

Entering the World of Dreams

There is a great resurgence of popular interest in dreams & dreaming, as well as growing scientific and academic focus on the deeper meanings & implications of remembered dreams.